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    Raptor Size Increase yet?

    There are no ATA offerings that match the speed of the Raptor I think. The question is, how much do you want to pay for the extra speed. I think that's very personal. Just like the P4 prices. Prices gently go up as speed goes up. But suddenly near the top speed CPUs the price goes skyhigh. (Some) people are prepared to to pay teh price. My guess it's nothing diffrent in the HD market.
  2. Track

    Raptor Size Increase yet?

    I'm waiting for that kind of news too. Raptor is getting old. At least from a marketing point of view. And 16MB cache is introduced by Maxtor. Others can only follow now. I keep h ping....
  3. Track

    Need for speed

    The age old dilemma. Limited money and unlimited speed hunger I'm a single user. But I tend to run many (background) processes. No all resource hungry beasts but lets say it adds up. Some processes put a big load on CPU and HDs. ---------- The SR article about RAID0 and NCQ is a bit over my head but I understand from it that it's not more suited for server use then desktop use. However I think the defenition of workstation and server is hard to point out in real live. A server with one active user/process or a workstation thats maxed out. Or the reverse. I think you get my point. So investing in RAID0 doesn't seem to be the right path. ------------ I have 1GB dual channel RAM. What does windows do.... Uses 400MB and uses a pagefile. Switching of the virtual memory works. But then I get complaints that the pagefile is to small and windows creates one. But after closer examination it only uses 100MB. Why not use the 600MB free memory? So investing in memory doesn't seem to be the right path. -------------- Fast CPU must do the trick. Right? Unless windows decides to slow things down using a pagefile.... Are those 2MB cache CPUs usefull for desktops? Or Xeons? Is a dual CPU setup useful? ------------- Are there tools that can monitor my system usage over say a week and point out what my system bottlenecks are? -------------- Until recently I was 'convinced' a RAID0 Raptor setup would adress some of the problems mentioned above. But reading this site that doesnt seem to obvious anymore now. Anyone that care to put me on track?
  4. Seems we agree here. But what if they found an encrypted container that the suspect refuses to open? A container that they *think* holds the proof of the fraud. Would he get of the hook (easily) then? In your last reply above this message you wrote: "Yes, it works like that in dictatorships, "communist countries" and all other forms of government that don't regard human rights very high. It just doesn't suit a democracy." So rouge countries get a search warrent for finding classified info. Democracies get search warrents for alittle fraud. I guess the diffrence lays in the amount of time you have to serve because you refused cooperation. I think we agree the USA isn't considred as a dicatorship or similar; but still I hear about 'unproven terrorists' locked up. If we look around very carefully is there even 1 country on this planet that values human rights at 100%? As I said above if all was fair their was no diffrence between a $1/hour lawyer or a $1000/hour lawyer. We wouldn't even need lawyer at all. I'm in court with my 100GB encrypted container and a freebie lawyer. RIAA is also present with a team of high class lawyers. "A jury consists of twelve people who determine which client has the better lawyer."
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    Need for speed

    <quote> </quote> <quote> What is your current hardware? </quote> P4-2.4 FSB533, 1GB dual channel ram. Raedon 9800, 2x WD1000BB, gibit onboard lan on a P4P800 SE mobo. And..... in case ofloading to a network is an option. P4-1.8 FSB400, 768MB memory, Matrox G450 dual head, WD300BB, NC7131 Intel server nic. Plus some incomplete dual P3 500Mhz with onboard scsi. <quote> Memory bandwidth usually isn't as important as the amount of memory you have. I would definitely recommend at least 2GB of RAM if you're running large SQL queeries </quote> I'll try 2x512MB extra. That way I still have 2GB dual channel. But I have little hope because even with 600MB free memory windows decides to swap to disk. So I expect just 1GB extra to be unused. Don't get me wrong, it's not mistrust in your advice but more that I think something is configured wrong. <quote> URLs and info about dual CPU. </quote> I need some reading before I can comment on that info. But I would liek to ask a quick question. Do 'normal' apps benifit from HT and/or dual CPU. Say I only run excel. Does excel run on CPU-1 and windows itself on CPU-2? One of the apps I use isn't updated anymore and is written in 1999-2000. So likely unaware of HT? The other app is only a few months old. It needs .NET framework. Will that benefit from the new hardware? And everyday tasks like winrar, surfing, etc.? I have no problem spending some $ But I want to avoid that half of my PC is never used because I use the 'wrong' apps. Thanks for all the feedback sofar. My 'dillema' still isn't solved but I already have some good pointers in the right direction. And that's a big step :-)
  6. Track

    Need for speed

    Olaf: All the usual stuff like surfing word, excel, etc. Some VB6, a game now and then. Nothing exiting. But my stockmarket apps seem to do soem harm... SQL (I think) database access. Download and distribution of small files. Download many very small 'entries' for the database. And in the meanwhile the data is accessed and used for calculations. You need more info? I can tell all kind of general things but not the kind of 'benchmark info' SR uses. michaelsil1: Desktop usage.... Maybe DM10 with 16MB cache is better for destop work? Even if teh acces time is much higher?
  7. Track

    ramdrive.sys in XP? Hard and software. The software does several GB/s but maxes out your CPU
  8. "I am no US resident, in my country, no one can be forced to incriminate himself or his family members. So they can not force me to reveal the key." It's not just the US that has such laws. Many of the free countries have. Legal systems are never fair. If they where there would be no diffrence between a $1/hour or a $1000/hours lawyer. "BTW: the Truecrypt software claims "plausbile deinability" (see my first post), that means it is impossible to tell whether a file/device contains an encrypted volume or just random data." Computer files are never random. A trained eye (easily) spots teh diffrence between left over file traces or real random (encryption data) "I mean, what if they _did_ find Truecrypt on your system" They have proof you hide the warez they busted you for in the first place. They don't raid your house because they just guessed you have an encrypted HD. They already have enough evidence to get a search warrant. An encrypted partition isn't good enough. They will find all kind of traces on your PC (registry). CDRs. Pieces of paper etc etc. They may even find 2 or 3 illegal files. They just give you max jailtime for that. Take a look at By far the encryption program with most options. For example boot your PC and pull out the USB lock. When they take your PC away there is no way they can access the containers. Not even if they raid your place when you are gone. But it does not encrypt the OS which hold all kind of traces. You need drivecypt Plus pack for that. (with rumored links to .gov) Another (slow) solution is you put your storage disks in a secret place. In teh ceiling :-) And put it on a Wireless lan. So many solutions so little chance.