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    Toshiba Announces New High-Performance HDDs

    I'm noticing the 6tb X300 preorder prices on amazon are at $250. I guess that's not as bad as the msrp would suggest. This could be a good thing.
  2. thisperson100

    Toshiba Announces New High-Performance HDDs

    I see this as bad news tbh. X300 $219.99 - 4TB $234.99 - 5TB $349.99 - 6TB Toshiba's current 7200rpm 128MB drive prices: $124.99 - 4TB $144.99 - 5TB $249.99 - 6TB This is the same thing wd and seagate did, "Market segmentation" to increase profits.
  3. I just picked up a PH3500U-1I72 - 5 TB (MD04ACA500). I'm really bad at gauging what is noisy. It seems no louder than my previous drives. Then again I never really thought my old 10K rpm raptor was noisy. Speed is comparable to the 1TB/platter seagate I had at just over 200MB/s hdparm results.
  4. My ST3000DM001 just failed yesterday I replaced it with one of the toshiba MD04ACA500 drives today. I had pretty much the exact same issue as you, suddenly ~40 bad sectors and tons of I/O errors on boot after ~2.5yrs power on hours.
  5. This news makes me have lotsa questions. Tomshardware is reporting "Dynamic Write Acceleration" will not be on the ssds larger than 250GB because "they don't need it". I take it micron's 3d nand won't be in these? if not, i'm wondering if it'll be the same nand in their previous drives. Other sites are saying the MX200 is just the consumer version of the M600. I look forward to the review
  6. "Data Retention: 3 months @ < 40C" I find this bit kinda interesting, do they mean if you remove the drive and set it on a shelf for 3 months you could start losing data ?
  7. thisperson100

    What's wront with this server's HDDs?

    unit s means sectors, with the idea being to check alignment. This can be a factor if any of the new drives are 4K Also with ext filesystems there is a "lazy init" which can run in the background the first time you mount them for a few hours and make things slower unit they finish.
  8. thisperson100

    What's wront with this server's HDDs?

    Is this a linux system ? ext4 ? can you paste a gparted print with unit s ?
  9. hopefully WD sends storagereview one to test
  10. thisperson100

    Which drive the WD red or Green for none NAS use

    You shouldn't have a problem with either green or red.
  11. thisperson100

    How to interpret SMART data

    All your drives look ok to me. The things you want to look out for are "uncorrectable" and many "Reallocated_Sector_Ct" the crc errors are usually due to bad cables in my experience. None of your drives are showing issues with these fields. The ecc field is interesting, but is the result of correctable errors(someone else might confirm/elaborate) and shouldn't be a reason for alarm.
  12. thisperson100

    Which drive the WD red or Green for none NAS use

    I don't think you'd have a problem using a red as a single drive. TLER can be configured/disabled although I havn't done this.
  13. thisperson100

    Which drive the WD red or Green for none NAS use

    I'd personally choose the red over the green because they all use 1TB platters and have TLER support should you ever use them in a raid config. I take it "green" low power is your primary concern ? The new seagate ST2000DM001 use very low power as a 7200rpm drive, I believe they are within 1watt of the green/red drives and outperform them.
  14. Are these new ones all advanced format ? 4k physical / 512 logical ?
  15. thisperson100

    Crucial M4 has 5200 hour defect

    I downloaded the firmware .iso, burned, booted, and flashed in under 5min You gotta love crucial/micron and plextor's easy .iso update method It is great for us linux users, and those with many systems.