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  1. Thread on XP fix., post #22, second link (811392.zip). Download, extract, run the installer (which just unpacks the files to the same location) and run dskcache from the CLI. For more info see: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;811392. 198582[/snapback] Thanks very much! Going to give it a try!
  2. This is the relevant part: When running this tool, you'll see an option "Power Protected" which is currently off. You'll need to turn it on. Windows Explorer was one of the affected applications. Whether the file handling routines for caching in IE are the same, I don't know (not that unlikely). Besides, who's still seriously using IE these days...? It's getting a bit long in the tooth. 198427[/snapback] I can't find Dskcache anywhere... Anybody help, please?
  3. qix

    Gigabit Router

    I think its better to connect a normal router and the PCs to a gigabit Switch rather than buying an expensive giga router!
  4. qix

    Need sata raid5 advice

    Thanks very much! I'll take a look!!
  5. Sorry I was wrong, the second drive, the 74gb, is a MAP (10000rpm U320, like the 146gb one). So both of them are exceptional disks? Interesting, I think I'll give them a try! Thanks for the help!
  6. The other disk is a MAM 74gigabytes, I was reading the review and it seems that the 74g model doesn't have Fluid dynamic bearing, so I guess it's noisier than the 146 model, do u have any experience?
  7. In the end I was able to grab one pic of the disk! Seems a Fujitsu MAP 3147NC What do u think about this disk? My first concern is noise, I need a silent disk, is this a silent one?? What about performance?
  8. qix

    Need sata raid5 advice

    Can u tell me please where can I get infos about this hex Hack? I'm disappointed about my 3Ware Raid card, and would like to give software RAID5 a try
  9. U should set in the bios the boot sequence! Chose the SCSI hd as the primary booting device, instead of ATA
  10. Yeah, I think I'll post a pic if I can get one!
  11. These are the codes for the first disk: BD14685A26 286716-B22 289044-001 146.8GB Ultra320,10K Hot-pluggable, 80 Pin Can u help me?
  12. Hi, I'm going to buy a couple of Compaq SCSI HD , but I wish to know their real manufacturer, for their characteristics, perfomances, noise levels and heat production! Starting from Compaq P/N or M/N is there a way to know who really made those disks? (Fujitsu, Seagate, etc...) TIA!
  13. My file server as 4 Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80Gb RAID5 for Storage 1 Fujitsu MAM 3184 18gb SCSI 15000 for OS/system files My desktop: 2 Fujitsu MAS 3367 36gb 15000 RAID0 OS/System files, Apps 2 Raptor 74 gb RAID0 (this were my old disks in the system before SCSI came) maybe I'll change them for one or two 160Gb Sata RAID1
  14. As I mentioned earlier, HDTach is not the best benchmark to run for RAID arrays. Some configurations provide results as expected, others don't. Did you find the performance for the RAID 0 on the 3Ware felt comparable to the Marvell? I'd be inclined to run the Winbench Disk Inspection Test on the 3Ware RAID 0 and see what results you get. We know RAID 5 didn't work well (for whatever reason) on the 3Ware, but at this point we only have HDTach results for RAID 0 which, to be honest, don't count. With the 3ware I felt that the system was lazy and not too responsive... I didn't do accurate tests, but I had this feeling. Anyway, I sold all my Raptors because of the fact I was not using them at their full potential, and replaced them with 4 Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80Gb, made a RAID 5 Array, and this are the results (red) compared with my Raptors (blue): They are even slower... One thing is for sure, no more 3ware/AMCC inside my case!!
  15. Ok, but my problem is not of PCI bandwidth-bottelneck...