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  1. In "memory" world, 3 bits can address 8 data to be accessed.....But, I dont understand why only 3 bits (ie. DA[2:0]) can handle the Gbytes-level hard disk addressing? Shouldn't hard disk need more address lines to deal with the storage mechnism (why noly 3 bits can read/write Gbytes data storage in physical hard disk)??
  2. calvin6666

    IBM Micro Drive?

    Yeah~thank u. Opoos, it can't run on UDMA. So, what is the max. trasfer rate if i use micro disk? And what if i want to use mirco disk connected to my IDE controller/adapter (ie. designed by me) without any reroute connector? I did refer to the CFA feature set of ATA/ATAPI standard. Am i correct? Plz comment & help...Thanks!
  3. calvin6666

    IBM Micro Drive?

    Does someone know the interface of Micro drive? I'm designing an IDE controller. Could i use the disk, micro drive with my IDE(ATA/ATAPI) controller? Thanks for ur answer in advance...