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    Maxtor Maxline 3

    I recently purchased one of these drives OEM from They had the Diamond Max 10 300 Gb, as well as the Maxline 3 300 Gb. I went for the maxline, as it was the same price. Unfortunately, the drive I got had a random access time of 16.3 ms as reported by hd tach. I did read this: where the second sample proved significantly faster (13.5 ms) than the first. I didn't get a drive similar to that one Currently I am second guessing my decision to go with the Maxline and not the Diamond Max 10 even though their specs are the same. Maxtor might have made the D10 faster or something. If any of you out there are considering this drive, I would advise you to at least wait and see if Maxtor releases a better bunch of drives that are closer to their published spec of 9.3 ms (I think). Also, how do you check to see if your drive is in "Quiet Mode" and not in "Performance Mode"