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  1. not for another year atleast the disk makers don't want to instantly go out of production! it also takes years of setting of standards & testing to get to the level of reliability we have at the enterprise level that is going to be a while before alot of the current SSD attempts (the cheaper ones) are accepted. at the end of the day SSD won't become mainstream until they are 64gb+ and $200...till then they can just keep on playing around
  2. I disagree, people are saying raid is not worth it...but they have not tested the BEST raid controllers...anything less than the best 20% of the market are absolutely horrible cards and your onbaord would be best if bothering with raid at all.. I suggest you DO use raid.. ignoring budget...your best bet is a very expensive raid card (areca 341 based/3ware 9xxx) put the whole lot in a raid 0 or 5 or 10 (10 if you have unlimited money burning a hole in your wallet), purchase as much cache and a BBU for said card & Probably a online UPS.. make it a single array, partition it how you want...depending how you plan to run you can always use partition magic and stuff around with it I'm assuming that you mean you have 2 x PCI-Express slots left over AFTER your cards are in...and, I'm also going to assume they are 8x or larger lane so you can fit a good raid card. if you don't go for a "reasonably" expensive card, your better off with no card at all depending how good your onboard raid is. again, if you have unlimited money you would not use raptors, but assuming you were stuffing around, I'd probably put the OS on a 6 drive raid 10, put 2 x raid cards in both those slots you have and stuff around with what works best across the drives filling the remaining slots on each controller...then mirror the whole setup to another raid 5 fileserver somewhere else... budget?
  3. MichaelMR2

    7200.10 upgrade to 250G/plane

    Anyone got any benchie's for any samsung 333gb platter jobs? not that you'd buy a samsung
  4. MichaelMR2

    areca 1680 in july!

    We'll see anyone got some sort of price advise? when they finally ship to AU it'll be interesting to see how she goes..
  5. MichaelMR2

    Highpoint 1740 vs Promise TX4310

    Highpoint over Promise ANYDAY. I'd chose to NOT run raid if promise was the only option left on this earth...am I clear? even the promise that uses the intel IOP's I'd still not touch they are so damn dodgy.
  6. workstation = quickest/reliable drives in raid 0...ntbackup once a month or apon major change/servicepack/programinstallation to servers server connected Via gigabit = full backup in 20 min restore in 25 I usually keep a few restore images incase something corrupts so in your case, I'd just raid as many disks as you can afford and store something quick locally but not on the same box...virus/surge stuff. stuff that's not immediatly being worked on is stored on the servers. You don't have to have fancy equipment...a basic UPS+surge protecting board on your networking/workstation/server a cheap desktop board with gigabit in your server (I do suggest an expensive raid card if you like your data..but you could just do a mirrored set of 750's)
  7. MichaelMR2

    adaptec RAID 3805

    don't know about the speed advantage..might be the first time we see the 1gbps broken off a single controller...I hope! of course only 8 channels is going to need expanders to hit that so assuming it's possible 4 x intel 4 drive expander caddy's will give you 16 drives and the possibilty of Uberness... if your desperate I do suggest this latest 3805 or 31205..they're the best that I'm aware of (it should be noted that there is apparently a clock speed difference between the 3805 & 31205 so if you want what....MAYBE another 100meg sec it could be worth shelling out an extra $100) we've had quite a few issues with SATA drives running on the 4805's so yeah stability for the win. it should be noted that apparently Raptors are NOT compatible with the 4805/3805 controllers due to how they deal with bad sectors....both controllers mentioned mark them as failed and need to do constant rebuilds becouse of it...so your stuck with WD ES (raid edition) drives brings me back to one of the lovely 3ware or Areca cards if you want Uber speed...1280 + 24 raptors? yumm
  8. what is your benchmark setup for the Raptors? Your results are going to depend entirely on the card that LSI looks pretty dodgy..the only way to fly is going to be a areca 1680 (at the moment) I've done raid 5 before but it's not particularly quick...thankfully Raid 0 + SAS is reliable enough that as long as you backup, you'll be fine for a goodly amount of time. if I do reconfigure to RAID 5 for a while..what benchmark would you have me run?
  9. MichaelMR2

    adaptec RAID 3805

    I disagree, for SATA Disks, my areca 1260 that's now what...3 years old? is quicker than the 3805 controllers by way of STR, while the Adaptec may be able to take SAS disks however most sas configurations are only about access times, as usual adaptec product is dragging behind everyone else (well, behind 3ware and Areca for starters)...thank god Areca are producing SAS now, so that we're not stuck with the BS that the other makers have been putting out over the last 5 years. I don't know if I trust the Atto bench's, might be worth pulling out IO meter, however I've found IO meter to be pretty close to HDTach by way of results. Quindor, to the IO Meter mobile!
  10. MichaelMR2

    adaptec RAID 3805

    As you can see by those benchmarks, it maxes out at 300meg a sec...I'm running 8 x 15k5 SAS on the 31205 will order the 1680 when avail and see if it's much better... the 4805 & 31205 are pretty identical, iirc the 4805 tops out at 280meg a sec....save your money for the 348 chipsets..shame it's only running at 667 on the areca card ;(
  11. Not even an U320 SCSI array of 10 HDs in RAID 5 is able to have a transfer rate of 194Mb/s! Reeeeeaaaalllly.
  12. MichaelMR2

    Initial SLI #'s look promising

    I'm waiting on some SLI action...unfortunatly it seems there are only going to be like 100 Ultra Extreme PCI-E cards brought into AU so It's going to be a expensive bitch of a project
  13. for HD Tach Comparison.. Quick Test: 11 x 200gig WD2000JB's Raid 5 on a 7506 Cache disabled Random access 14.4ms 122.9 MB/s Burst average Read 62.9 CPU Util: 1% Quick Test 11 x 200gig WD2000JB's Raid 5 on a 750 Cache Enabled Random access 14.3 119.5 MB/s Burst average read 66.3 CPU Util: 2% I don't think the 1 meg or whatever of onboard cache does much during reads
  14. shame Tomshardware and all the sites that have played with the broadcom raidcore stuff haven't given us far more complehensive results, as that's the path I'm looking down for the next upgrade