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    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    hi, what i really need to know about this hard disk is, is how reliable it is, im tired of having to replace my hard disks ever year or so, if i go out and buy this hard disk, will it last me 2 years, working as a primary hard disk????
  2. norphis

    WinXP and FAT32

    "FAT32 supports drives up to 2 terabytes in size" - Mircosoft Knowledge Database.. If u have a windows 98 Bootdisk, boot your computer up with it, then create a new primary 80Gb partition using fdisk... When u start winXP installation, u can just select the partition to install it to... unless ur using a dual boot system though (win 9x) id suggest that u format in NTFS rather than Fat32
  3. Lo all, I have a problem... I have 2 hard disks, and they are set up in a RAID 0 Array, I’ve noticed that on occasion that one of the drives starts to click then my computer crashes, I have adequate cooling on both hard disks, and from problems that other people have had I'm led to believe that the hard disk is nearing the end of its lifespan... Problem 1: I know next to nothing about hard disks and Id like to know if someone can recommend a fast, RELIABLE, inexpensive hard disk... Better yet could someone recommend a hard disk that is good performer in a RAID array, ill be buying 2 of them. Problem 2: I have a RAID 0 array, (not very redundant really) and id like to know if there is a way to convert the RAID 0 to RAID 1. Thanks in advance...