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  1. Hi, I recently upgraded a laptop drive to one of these and thought some of you may be interested in the benchmarks. The drive was purchased from Insight UK . Manufacturer specifications: Hitachi Travelstar 7K100 Model number HTS721080G9AT00 80GB 7200 RPM Parallel-ATA ATA-6 Data heads (physical) 4 Data disks 2 Max. areal density (Gbits/sq. inch) 66 Data buffer (MB) 8 The rest of the specifications can be found here Test system: Abit AN7 motherboard AthlonXP 2400+ 1GB RAM On board P-ATA controller
  2. cold c

    Athlon64 CPU revisions and and
  3. cold c

    Dual CK8-04's

    Theinquirer says the S2895 will be called the Thunder K8WEX. They also have a datasheet/diagram thing.
  4. RAM and PSU. Also anything you have access to, CPU, you could try the RAM in another mobo. The Corsair support forum states that those use BH-5 chips. IIRC, they didn't have the built in voltage regulators (like the CH-5) so this made the BH-5 better for overclocking but not as good for stability, perhaps this also affects lifespan? If you find out that it is the RAM causing the instability, you can at least make use of the Corsair lifetime warranty. If you still can't get it stable after completely unclocking and removing all the power hungry components and have also eliminated the possibility of faults in each of the other components then RMA the board.
  5. Unfortunately hardware can stop working sometimes. Do you have other components that you can swap in to the system for troubleshooting? Do you know which specific XMS3200 you have as there are a few, also, was it part of a TWINX set? The AN7 is supposed to have good power regulation but a component can still go wrong (could be the northbridge, could be a capacitor etc.) My first AN7 managed to corrupt its own bios. How are you cooling the northbridge? Abit tend to just stick the fan on with a tiny blob of epoxy off the centre of the chip. They probably could have avoided a few RMAs by attaching it properly. You could try reattaching it with thermal compound. You could try unclocking the CPU and try a different PSU and memory if possible. (obviously keep everything unclocked and with slack timings as before while troubleshooting.) If unclocking the CPU works you may need to add voltage to the CPU, northbridge or the DDR. Also try disabling CPU interface in the bios. If you don't have a different PSU try removing all the power hungry components where possible (again just attempt to get it stable first then re-add other parts and the overclocks one at a time until you find the part causing the instability.)
  6. cold c

    Make SATA disk removable?

    Yes that is the method Silicon Image advise to do a hot swap with the 3112 controller on their website-
  7. There is also this in the press release on their page about the 3124 controller -
  8. The press release for the Silicon Image Sil 3114 controller mentions SATA II NCQ. The press release for the Sil 3114 is here The 3114 has been integrated in to some motherboards like the EPoX 8RDA6+Pro nF2 and the AOpen AK89 Max .
  9. cold c

    Ibm Gxp Fiasco Secrets Revealed !

    There are also some posts by someone contemplating two 75GXPs in RAID 0.
  10. cold c

    Ibm Gxp Fiasco Secrets Revealed !

    That was an interesting read, thanks.
  11. cold c

    Amd64 Motherboards

    Socket 939 sighting : nForce3 250 and 250Gb should be here soon too.
  12. cold c

    Pro-audio Pc

    Hi digimix, 50+ tracks of what? Are those all at 24/96? mono? Are your drives configured as 1 x OS and applications drive, 1 x samples drive, 1 x audio drive? If your HD meters are flashing but not at a consistently high level then this could mean you have some configuration issues. It's probably best to tune your sytem properly before you purchase any new equipment, so tell us what host application you are using. Also, have you run any benchmarks on your drives to make sure they are running as intended?
  13. cold c

    Second Gen 36gb Raptor

    The original topic was here Still waiting for some benchmarks though.
  14. cold c

    Intel's Caved.

    Maybe AMD swapped x86-64 for SSE2/SSE3 or something like that. It would be great for users (but highly unlikely) if both chips used the same socket as well...
  15. The warranty is fine, you need to choose Japan from the drop down country selection box if you are using the warranty check on .