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    ICH9R RAID5 performance

    The problem appears to be solved :-) At first I tried all kinds of combinations like six disk "hw" raid five, two three disk "hw" raid 5 with OS raid 0 on top, three "hw" raid 0 with OS raid 5 and what not. Trying a linux live cd was the only thing that could get the performance above 10MB/s, so I started going through EVERYTHING I had installed... Before I think I used the newest drivers from ASUS, but today I installed the latest Matrix Storage Manager from Intels site. Before it was version 7.5.something and now it's 7.8.*. Performance went from roughly 5MB/s avg. throughput to almost 100MB/s :-) Thanx for the input, Justin
  2. Martin5000

    ICH9R RAID5 performance

    Hey I recently bought a Q6600, an Asus P5K-E and 4*1gb PC6400 ram for a new file and vmware server. The board has six sata ports controlled by ICH9R. I have attached six WD 200GB sata disks to these ports and configured a ~1TB RAID5 array using all of the six disks. I was aware that performance night not be stellar with onboard RAID5, BUT using HDtach3 I get an average of 6MB/s and Sisoft Sandra XII shows around 13MB/s average. This is is quite poor performance, but unfortunately real world performance is even worse. Copying files to the array over the network shows more like 0.3-3.0 MB/s (while other disks in the computer usually does around 15-35 MB/s when copying over the network). I know that stripe size and starting sector of the partition can influence alot and I've tried stripe sizes of 16k, 64k and 128k. as array initialization takes 15-36hrs depending on the stripe size, I haven't yet had time to try out all combinations and having the partition start at sector 2048 (instead of 63) has only been tried with 64k stripe size. I have tried with and without write back cache activated, but the difference is almost neglible. I'm running Win2003 ES with all updates, newest drivers and newest bios. Is this performance level normal for this configuration? Is there anything I can to to make it better? I'm content with 15-20 MB/s sequential read/write as the partition is just for storing and streaming movies. Any help and suggestions is highly appreciated. - Martin
  3. Martin5000

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager and AHCI

    I haven't tried running single drives with AHCI, but I'm running a six disk raid 5 array on ICH9R and I've just updated the Matrix Storage Manager and saw HUGE performance increase (from 5MB/s avg to 99MB/s avg). I used the newest ASUS drivers before and upgraded to the latest Matrix Storage Manager on Intels website (7.5 upgraded to 7.8). I don't know if you can ise this info for anything, but for me the latest Matris Storage Manager definitely does work. - Martin
  4. Martin5000

    ICH9R RAID5 performance

    The OS is installed on a separate disk attached to another controller (pata disk connected to the onboard JMicron <something> controller). The ICH9 RAID5 array was configured after the OS was installed. ATTO tops at 5MB/s write and 13 MB/s read (512k and 1024k). I'm using the following settings in ATTO: Transfer size: 0.5 - 1024kb Total length: 8MB Direct I/O checked Overlapped I/O selected with a queue depth of 4
  5. Martin5000

    Maxtor Failures

    Two weeks ago I lost all music I have collected during the last ten years or so. It was all on a Maxtor OneTouch 200GB with USB2/FireWire interface. I think the drive got some bad sectors, as I get ALOT of IO errors when I try to do something with the disk (like recover files or format). The drive is a replacement drive I got from Maxtor a year ago when my old (and similar) disk had the same issues. Furthermore I have an internal DiamondMax9 120GB ATA disk with bad sectors (but thankfully I can still use the drive as it hasn't grown more bad sectors). I've bought alot of disks (maxtor, wd and seagate) the last 3-4 years and I haven't had any problems with the wd and seagate ones. Maybe I've been unlucky or maybe Maxtor has a problem... I'm going wd/seagate only for now.
  6. Martin5000

    Are 36 inch ide cables reliable?

    I've used 3 feet rounded 80wire cables for several years (with two disks per cable). I've only had problems with one of them (of five in total). The faulty cable was from another manufacturer than the others, but unfortunately I don't know which brands they are. My advice is to go for the 3feet cables, but wait for a month or so before you rely on them (until then, keep a copy of the data on another disk attached to a cable within the specs). Do regular checks to see how it's working.
  7. Martin5000

    Trashed Partition's for no reason... help...

    I just read your last post. Sounds more like a malware problem. Maybe one or more of the programs you usually install is infected by malware. Try moving all of it to a drive you can disconnect before reinstalling windows. You should even disconnect all other computers on the network (and the computer itself untill a firewall is up and running). After than you should only install from original CD/DVD or download again (and ONLY from trusted sources, like the company website). Before reconnecting everything again, you should make sure to have fully updated anti virus and a properly configured firewall installed. Use that computer to scan everything on the devices you disconnected. You could also try the first suggestions I made - just to be sure.
  8. Martin5000

    Trashed Partition's for no reason... help...

    If possible, try another controller, other cables and maybe another PSU. I've had similar problems in the past. One time my PSU was overloaded and often made some of the drives disconnect, which on a few occations trashed the filetable. More recently I've had the partitiontables on four drives regularly crapping out. The were all connected to the same controller and another controller seems to have helped. I've also heard of faulty cables causing the filetable to be damaged in some cases. I know the probability of these things happening to both your home and work computers at almost the same time is extremely small... but nevertheless it might be worth a shot. Finally... whenever it happens, you should try a restore program to restore the contents of the disk. I've had good experiences with "Restorer2000" and "GetDataBack for NTFS", but the both require another harddrive to restore to. It might even work after a format (although I'm not sure now that you've lowlevel formatted the drive. Good luck /Martin
  9. Martin5000

    Case for BIG RAID-5 server

    I too would suggest that you just keep your 24disk LianLi and put the two last drives in another computer. However, if stability is important, I'd recommend that you split the disks in two computers. I have 20 drives in my fileserver and I've had too many problems to recommend it to anyone. My problem is that with so many disks I have to use y-splitters wich is never as good as connecting the drives directly to the psu - it's been necessary to restore one or more drives alot of times because then lsot power and the partition table was trashed. IF you insist on having all the drives in one case, I'd probably recommend getting the biggest case you can find - like the Chieftec Jumbo something and mod it to fit all the drives and 3-4 good 300W PSUs (so you can connect each drive directly to a PSU without the use of them evil power cable splitters.
  10. Martin5000

    Boot to usb device. Any news?

    pgppuppy: not being able to boot eg. WinXP from a USB drive is a limitation of the OS and not the hardware/bios. If I recall correctly, it's because of security issues. If booting XP from a USB device was possible, you could gain access to all computers able to boot from USB. That being said, I don't know if there's a workaround. I hope there is, though as I'd really like to be able to boot to a USB drive containing an image for all my computers so I could easily have a clean install.
  11. I've got 20 drives in my file server. I have alot of problems with drives losing power and crashing explorer or freezing/crashing the computer (the drives click and spin up again). I have a 520W PSU powering motherboard and 10 drives and a 300W PSU to run the last 10 drives. My problem, I think, is the "y-cables" (1 molex connector -> 2 molex). Apparantly I haven't been able to fine any that have good connections. What I want to know is how all of you with more drives than the PSU has connectors for have done? Are there any secret PSUs with eg 12 molex plugs or more that I just haven't heard of? Do you have any recommendations as to how I can improve stability of my system? And by the way, I have thought about moving some disks to another computer, but the absolutely last option. I wont like having to turn on more computers just to access my files.
  12. Martin5000

    Powering a large number of drives

    MartinP: Thanx for the suggestion. I tried it and it helped ALOT. There is still a drive or two that restarts once in a while, but I'll try some other y-cables when I find them. Before there were atleast 4 drives that restarted almost constantly. Jeffy82: Although my problem is already much closer to a solution, I think I still have to get me some of them T-splitters. Sounds like the best solution. Thank you very much for the tip :-)
  13. Martin5000

    Powering a large number of drives

    The 520W PSU is an Aspire (I can't remember the model number) and the other one is an AOpen one. The 300W was used for a couple of years to power an overclocked Thunderbird and around 5-6 hard drives (most of them scsi 10k rpm and old 7200rpm ones) and a burner, cd-drive and dvd-drive (all three scsi). The Aspire PSU has successfully powered an overclocked P4 2.53 and up to ~14 IDE/SATA disks for several months. I only added an extra PSU because I was afraid to let a single PSU run 20 drives (because of fire hazards or whatnot if it was overloaded). As I said earlier, I'm fairly sure that the two PSUs are enough for the drives. What primarily convinces me that it's a cabling problem is that poking some of the wires will definitely make the disks click and spin up. That's the same thing that happens just before explorer crashes or the computer freezes - only then it does it by itself. Unfortunately I don't own a multimeter, so I'm not able to check the PSUs. While I'd prefer to trash all drives and go for fewer bigger drives, I'm afraid that making the cables myself are alot closer to what I can afford. I also really like the idea of ripping the connectors from old XT PSUs, but I don't know where I should get any. Either way I'll try the local electronic stores and see what they have. Thanx for all the input, guys. I really appreciate it :-) I'd still like to hear more about how you have done it, though.
  14. Martin5000

    Powering a large number of drives

    Thanx, but I think my two PSUs are enough to power the drives - my problem is the power cables :-) The site you linked to estimates I need ~780W to run my system (or 810W to allow future upgrades. I have 820W in total.
  15. Martin5000

    How to keep an IDE disc in sleep mode?

    Windows XP has a feature to optimize harddrives when the computer is idle (it optimizes the layout of files and folders on the drive). This feature is turned on by default. Maybe that's what makes your disks spin up even when you're not accessing them. As far as I recall, TweakUI and/or X-setup let you turn the feature off.
  16. Martin5000

    2nd broken WD1200JB - just bad luck?

    I once read in another thread that poor mounting could cause poor performance. Try taking the hd out of the case and see if that changes anything...
  17. Martin5000

    Basic vs. Dynamic disks

    Thanx for the answers, guys. I've decided to convert all my drives back to basic. Recovery was a pain, so I want to make it as easy as possible in case of failures in the future.
  18. Martin5000

    Basic vs. Dynamic disks

    A while ago I read alot about Dynamic drives in windows and thought it sounded as the safest solution. About a month ago I went ahead and converted all disks in my file server to dynamic volumes. Yesterday I suddenly noticed the overall capacity had gone down alot and four drives had disappeared. I could see them in the disk manager, but there were no partitions and they were marked as "Unreadable". Fortunately I've just received a replacement drive for one of my external disks from Maxtor (great service, btw) so I'm now in the process of recovering the files one drive at a time. While I was complaining to one of my friends he told me that he had also had problems with disappearing partitions using dynamic volumes. Does anybody else have good or bad experiences with dynamic volumes? Although it looks good in the specs, right not I can't see any reasons to use it. However, I don't want to draw hasty conclusions if I was just unlucky. Maybe I should not that the four disks were all connected to the same controller, but when I attached another drive to it, it appeared to work fine. Please let me know what you think of dynamic disks... Thanx - Martin
  19. Martin5000

    4 Raptors or 4 Dmax 10's?

    Set "Total Length" to 32MB (instead of 4MB) for better accuracy in ATTO.
  20. Martin5000

    Drive transfer mode resetting

    I've had alot of problems with Windows making alot of "delayed write failures" with drives set to Cable Select. It seems to apply only to certain combinations of disks and controllers. If you have problems, try a master/slave configuration. Windows often slows down disks (or rather transfers) by changing to a lower udma/pio mode when if detects read/write failures. As bfg9000 wrote, it might be caused by bad cables - I, however - only had the problems once when using a molex connector with bad connection. The drive lost power shortly - but during transfers it was long enough to produce errors. If that is your problem, you might be able to hear clicks when the drive loses power and spins up again. In device manager, set the drive to udma mode or pio and then back to udma mode (switch to pio, clock ok, open properties again and choose udma). That helped for me and if I recall correctly, that is also what Microsoft recommends in the knowledge base. I did not find it necessary to uninstall the channel and reboot.
  21. If it's only a power issue, it might work to connect the lacie unit to a computer via usb/firewire and use molex/sata-power connectors from another computer to power up the drives. If the lacia unit only uses external power to run the drives (and not the ARM processor and such), I think you should be able to at least save the data... I'm not sure, though, as I have no idea whatsoever how the lacie drives are constructed. Good luck :-)
  22. Martin5000

    Fixing an external HD?

    Strange... I just moved the drive to usb and made a new partition again and now there are no more bad sectors according to chkdsk. I know they're not physivally gone, but at least now they won't be used anymore. I'm still not comfortable using the drive, though... so I'm still going to get it replaced by Maxtor (if possible).
  23. Martin5000

    Fixing an external HD?

    Hey I've got a Maxtor Onetouch with both firewire and usb2 interfaces. There are bad sectors on it and they're breeding faster than rabbits. I've requested an RMA from Maxtor, but they haven't answered yet. So... two questions... 1 - is there any chance Maxtor will give me another/repair the drive just because of ~600kb bad sectors? Does anybody know how long time things like that takes or could take? 2 - I've tried chkdsk and format, but are ther any other programs I can try that might work better? Being an external drive, I can't get programs like eg. Spinrite to work.
  24. Martin5000

    1 Tb drives

    Duvon: What you're thinking of is probably something like this 1.6TB drive from LaCie. It's not _one_ harddrive, but four 400GB drives running RAID0/JBOD. While it would be nice to have so much space in one drive, I would hate the thought of four times the risk of losing everything on the drive. If I had the money to afford one, I'd probably only use it to transport data home from eg. a lan party to my fileserver.
  25. Martin5000

    WD25 00JB 00GVA0 SCSI Drive worthless

    That's how I feel about Maxtor drives. I've never had any problems whatsoever with Seagate or WD drives... only Maxtor drives have crapped out on me before. Right now I have two of them with bad sectors and few years ago I even got one that was DOA. Anyways... I've had those "Delayed write failure" messages before but I've always managed to fix the problem. One or more of the following usually helps for me: check all cables and connectors, try other cables, set the drive to master/slave (sometimes Cable Select is BAD), try moving the appropriate controller(s) to another PCI slot. Hope some of it helps :-)