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  1. hkfeet

    Best VGA PDA

    x50v Get one when dell has a nice sale and coupons available to drop the price to under $400
  2. hkfeet

    LSI MEGARAID SATA 300-8X Reviews?

    Ouch that sucks. So what about the lsi bios, is your array and drives showing up there?
  3. hkfeet

    Seagate 16mb 7200.8 300GB

    Is this drive worth waiting for compared to the maxtor 300gig dm10?
  4. hkfeet

    Supermicro 5 Bay Hot-Swapable SATA HDD

    Yea no black in stock
  5. I have a dual nocona 2.8, ncch-dl, 4x512mb corsair dual channel memory system and my nec 3500ag is lagging my system when I burn cds/dvds, rip cds/dvds, or read cds/dvds. I tried upgrading the firmware to 2.19 and that didnt fix the problem. I tried using some hacked firmware to remove the rip lock and stuff and ended up messing up the player instead. Luckily reverting back to the stock firmware fixed that. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do to get this thing not to lag my system? Also Im running windows 2003 SBS, raid5 on raidcore, and nothing on ide ports except my nec drive.
  6. hkfeet

    Hand or battery?

    I use a battery powered mini screwdriver. Its so small and light that it wont damage anything if dropped. I dont like to take my time anymore, just want to hurry to build the comp and install the os.
  7. hkfeet

    Upgrading to 802.11g on laptop?

    I bought a intel minipci 802.11g/b card for my fujitsu p5010. It was easy to install and I got it for $20 on sale. Much better than using a pcmcia card because I dont want my laptop to be bulky when Im taking it on the road.
  8. Anyone try this card out yet? I just bought my 2nd raidcore due to low storage space, and did not want to try the megaraid because of the lack of reviews and benchmarks. Im hoping it will live up to the hype
  9. hkfeet

    Noise: Raptor versus Maxtor 10

    I dont hear my dm10 drives at all. I got 8 of them too. My raptor is noisy when I am copying files to it though.
  10. Yea it is a broadcom based card with updated bios, firmware, and drivers. I will soon move this to my dual xeon system once I receive my new mobo so I hope I wont have this problem.
  11. Thanks! Does anyone have any experience with the supermicro 5 drive sata backplane for midtowers and the raidcore 4852? When I shutdown my computer, sometimes one or two of the drives do not get picked up by the raidcore. I would have to pop the drive out of the hotswap, and pop it back in, then rescan the channels in raidcore bios. This is all in a dual athlon xp/msi k7d master/1gb memory system/antec 550 system.
  12. Im waiting for one too. Using a raidcore 4852 for now.
  13. Can I use the raidcore 4852 card in a single cpu p4 3.0 prescott system and abit ic7g maxII pci 33mhz, create an array, and be able to move the card and array to a dual xeon nocona, asus ncch-dl system with pci-x slots?
  14. Ebay username: lanevo312
  15. Im looking to sell 4 250gig IDE 8mb cache drives soon. What would be the best route to format, wipe, kill every little data on it so it wont be recoverable.