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    Fujitsu Mas3735

    I use a fujitsu 73gb 10k with a 29160 controller, and am extremely happy with its performance. Correct me if I am wrong, but the controller is 64bit, PCI-X type. I have heard that XP has no support for PCI-X (the slot not the card) yet, so I dont know if that is the cause. Try fdisk and then format the drive (fat32) with a good old win98 boot disk. If you are getting any nt errors, try getting into safe mode, if possible. If none still work, the last thing that I can reccomend that should work, is a good low level format using the controller's utility (ctrl+A) at bootup.
  2. albundyhere

    The Geneva Convention Trap

    bleh, nuke the world and let GoD sort it out! Nobody respects the fragile nature of a human soul anymore. PS: Let there be electric cars! That way the bastard oil tycoons will suffer where it their pockets! :twisted:
  3. albundyhere

    Any rumors on >15k drives?

    Sticking with IDE and having little performance, or use SCSI and never worry again. When manufacturers started to remove the warranty in years, I laughed my ass off! Right now I bought a bad 73GB 15k Fujitsu drive since there was no active cooling, got an RMA within a week, and now I have 5 years to break it. Yup, Fujitsu gives 5 year warranties on SCSI drives!!! It kinda sucks that IDE drives are reduced to 1 year, since this is a way that manufacturers can say that they know their drives suck and WILL break down.
  4. albundyhere

    Is it better to build your own PC?

    Dilema dilema...I do part time in a retail place, and know all my distributors and their pricing. Most places have markups, but what you get from the distributor will come cheaper, at an equivalent or cheaper than OEM, but you get a retail product will full warranty in return.
  5. :evil: Storage has not stopped growing, why have you? How about news/reviews on these: Western Digital 200GB 2000BB Serial ATA controllers Serial ATA drives I believe the Abit AT7 Max 2 already has onboard Serial ATA connections and is ready for any Serial drives to be thrown at it. Some reviews going around already show that the Serial ATA cables are already rounded, which is freakin sweet! Umm...why no news/reviews/benchmarks on dvd recorders? Just my 2CentZ