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    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Can you clarify what is the 'spindle label' i.e. some kind of description of what it looks like an/or maybe even a picture of it?
  2. kara2002

    Reading Seagate Model Numbers

    This must be an identifier to separate similar configuration drives' different generations/versions. Usually bigger number refers to newer version (but not always, in example the new 7200.10 series has got digit "0" there, so they are starting from roots again). in example... * ST3400632A is 7200.8 series (16MB cache version, was short-time produced for retail kits only) * ST3400633A is 7200.9 series Note: This does not mean that all 7200.9 has "3" there. It is simply the following free number taken of the same configuration models (in example there has been more 250GB versions already, so the 250GB 7200.9 has got "4" there. Just counting up). If your box states 632A-RK and the actual drive inside is 633A then very probably Seagate has changed the originally assemblied 7200.8 series drives with newer 7200.9 drive there, but the code on the box remained unchanged (may-be they have old stock of packaging boxes to use). Hi 888, Thank you for the excellent information as always I wanted to call up Seagate TS, but wasn't sure if they would give me this information over the phone. I bought the drive mid-July '06 and checked the warranty info (via the serial #) and it goes thru May 2011 ( lost 2 mos - usual Seagate DOM nonsense vs purchase date ). I'm pretty sure this is still within the manufactring date of the 7200.9 series. Is there any other way to verify this also (firmware check etc in case Seagte TS doesn't confirm this info)? The drive was a pretty good price $120 no MIR from Fry's and Made in Singapore (my personal preference) vs Thailand or China (which seem to be newer manufacturing plants these days). I just wish I got it 2 weeks earlier, Seagate had a MIR promo on all their retail kits and this drive would have been $90 ... oh well, still a good price. TIA
  3. Does anyone know what the last number in Seagates model # refers to? e.g. ST3400632A - RK On the label on the box, reading from right to left, I know the RK means retail kit, the A means PATA, the 3 is # of platters and 6 is the cache (8 for 8MB and 6 for 16MB). But was does the 2 before the A mean? The actual drive is labled ST3400633A? TIA
  4. kara2002

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9

    IMO I would get the 7200.9 if you can get a good price I picked up a retail kit with 16MB cache for $72 (back in June '06) after MIR. I also got the 7200.10 (in July '06) from newegg (paid $105) they are now (as of 7-19-2006) for $94.00. I can't honestly tell real world difference between the drives. If you can't get the 7200.9 for a good price then get the 7200.10 from newegg. BTW fry's has the SATA II 400GB 7200.9 16mb cache for $140 with no MIR and the PATA version of the same drive for $120. Not sure how long this price is good thru. Good luck.
  5. kara2002

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    How do the 7200.10 (ST3320620AS) compare with the previous gen 7200.9 (ST3300622AS). I'm trying to decide which one to get. Perfomance is not as important as idle noise (e.g high pitched idle noise etc) and running cooler and obviously reliability. BTW Frys has the 7200.9 for $72 after some Seagate rebates and newegg has the 7200.10 for $110 (shipped). TIA
  6. kara2002

    Maxtor MaxLine III 300GB - 7V300F0

    Interesting write-up on the new Maxtor MaxLine III 7V300F0. It was done comparing Seagate 7200.8 8/16MB cache drives http://www.amug.org/amug-web/html/amug/rev...cles/seagate16/ reviewer's benchmarks show nearly 70MB/s max read speed ( ~11MB/s quicker than the ST3300631AS) I hope Maxtor has finally fixed the nforce4 issues, without killing the performance of this drive. BTW its $125 on NewEgg today (2-17-2006) - tempted to push the buy button now.
  7. Has anyone purchased this drive and can comment on the drives performance please? Also, is this a 2 or a 3 platter drive? Few user reviews for this drive on Newegg look good. I tried to order the new Seagate 7200.9 ST3300622AS 300GB from buy.com ($120 after MIR) and order is delayed Says drive is unavailble from manufacturer.
  8. Hi all, Just found this drive on sale at buy.com: http://www.buy.com/prod/Seagate_Barracuda_.../202152440.html Final price is $130 after $30 MIR Can any members here who already have this drive share their experience about this drives performance characteristics please. Is it noisy, how hot does it get, transfer rates etc? There is has been some discussion about it being noisy and may also have a lower STR than the 7200.9 500GB. I'm not expecting a huge difference from the 7200.8 series sata 150, but it should be better than the 7200.8 since this drive has only 2 platters. TIA Kara
  9. Looks like Seagate warranties on these drives might be questionable http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...hreadid=1781978 I checked my serial # and it says it's expiring in 2007 also! Come on Seagate the box says it has a 5 year warranty. Anyone else run into this and did Seagate fix it in their database? TIA Kara
  10. That's an interesting information! Do we have more owners of 7200.9 300GB here on the forum to comment this? Hard to get any information about this drive... 888 I found an etailer (directron) you has the 300GB 7200.9, its $157.5 + s&h, you can get to the site from here http://labs.anandtech.com/alllinks.php?pfilter=3764 I don't know if it's worth a $50 premium (almost 50% of the price) to get the 7200.9 atm, the Fry's 300GB 7200.8 16MB is $110 after MIR and I don't think I'll get a 50% speed increase I realize that the price right now is at a premium because the drive is so new. Plus I'm hearing mixed reviews on anything above the 160GB 7200.9, which seems to have good performance feedback from here and by the feedback reviews on newegg.
  11. kara2002

    Help me save my GF's secondary HDD

    Try Acronis Disk Director Suite - I belive it has a partition recovery feature built in. Then also check Acronis True Image, to make a backup of your files onto another hard drive or DVD/CD-R. The new 9.0 version works great.
  12. **** Correction Drive model was ST3300631AS-RK **** Double checked the box this time The ST3300831AS-RK (8MB) is available for $99 after MIR 888 - do you think it's worth waiting for the ST3300622AS (7200.9)? I haven't found any real specs on this drive atm other than it will be SATA-300. I'm not sure there will be that much real workd difference sata-150 vs sata-300. Also, I found one etailer who was quoting this drive for $155 with 1-2 week lead time. Also saw on NewEgg the Maxtor MaxLine III 7V300F0s for $130 (300GB SATA II 16MB cache) and it looks like it also has a 5 yr warranty and they have made some improvements in the NCQ and caching algorithm - there was some information posted in another thread http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?showtopic=21724 Anyone got this drive yet? Is it much better in performance etc? TIA, Kara
  13. Hi All, Just found this drive @ Fry's priced for $109 after $50 MIR (mail in rebate). Has anyone got any benchmarks on this drive or had personal experience using it please (if you do, please your post you experience) ? I'm assuming it's a 7200.8 series drive. Also, is there any real world difference in sata 150 vs sata 300? I am thinking of waiting for the 7200.9 series 300GB drive, but this is a good price for this drive (ST3300831AS). BTW the Fry's deal ends on Tues 1/17/2006 in case anyone else is interested in getting the drive. Thanks in advance, Kara
  14. kara2002

    Seagate ST3300631A 16MB cache

    Does anyone know how to interpret the date code on Seagate hard drives please?
  15. kara2002

    Seagate ST3300631A 16MB cache

    Hi 888, The info from the label is as follows: Part # 9Y7760-557 Model # : ST3300631A-RK Called up Seagate TS and he said it's a 7200.8 with 3 platters - hope this helps. Thx Kara