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    Windows XP SCSI Performance - Revisited

    this issue is indeed a serious bugger for all of us performance fanatics I've been toying around with several hardware combinations at work and at home, and so far, the only platform which exhibits the same behavior under XP is my home workstation. None of the tricks mentionned in this thread or the old one did it, the only fix is to go back to Win2K SP3 (had no issues with sp3 as opposed to some ppl here and there) here are the test results of different machines I've had at my disposal : My personal workstation at home : Abit KR7a-133 (KT266a chipset), Athlon XP 2000+, 512MB DDR, Adaptec 29160, Fujitsu MAN3184MP drives, Win2KSP3 (sorry, got no XP pics to compare to, but at best, writes were at 20Mb/s with all possible tricks and patches) My workstation at work : Compaq W4000 : P4 2Ghz, i845 chipset, 512Mb SDRam, Adaptec 29160N card, Maxtor Atlas 10k3 18Gb drive, no patches, embedded WindowsXP SP1 drivers (not from a compaq release), interferences in the read results are due to the fact that it's the only (therefore system) drive of the machine And for the performance hungry guys : the latest server I've built for data backup purposes : Compaq Proliant ML 350G2 Server Serverworks LE chipset P3 Tualatin 1.4GHz 640Mb RAM running Win2K Server SP3 tested drives are in a compaq External HD Bay, connected to a dual channel Compaq Smart Array 5300 Raid card with 128Mb of onboard cache (64bit/66MHz PCI bus) Tested array : 6 Fujitsu MAN 3735 drives (72.8Gb Ultra-160 10k RPM) in raid 5 with 16k (default) stripes
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    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    hi all I though I might add a little bit of info here Little background 1st, my config is the following : CPU : Athlon XP 2000+ Mobo : Abit KR7a-133 Ram : 512Mb (1 samsung PC2100 DDR stick) Scsi adapter : Adaptec 29160 with bios rev 3.10.0 HDs : 2x Fujitsu MAN 3184MP 1x IBM DNES-318350W As many of you I also had a write performance issue under XP on my Fujitsu drives, tho not as bad as some of you expecienced, it was in the area of 22Mb/s on the biggest block sizes. And I also had a burst xfer limit of 55Mb/s which was quite disappointing considering the performances of the Fujitsu HDDs and the adaptec card Following the advices and diverse experiences written in this thread, I tried steps that proved useful for some of you. 1St : reverted back to Win2K Pro with SP3 => direct write performance increase to 36Mb/s, burst unchanged 2nd : applied the VIA Latency patch rgray175 spoke about => write performance increase to 46Mb/s, matching my read speed, burst improvement to 77.5Mb/s here are some screenshots ATTO : HDTach : additional info: Enable Disconnection has always been set to Yes, Domain validation is disabled and write cache enabled