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    7200.7 Martians?

    Here's the reply I got from Seagate this morning: I can't say I'm exactly pleased with this... though I guess if it's "normal" it means I don't have faulty drives. Sounds to me like it'd cause a lot more wear and tear on the drive, though... so I'm not really sure how that improves the reliability. Does anyone know of any high-capacity quiet drives that don't exhibit this annoying behavior? I may end up dumping these for something else before they drive me insane.
  2. jpanning

    7200.7 Martians?

    I just purchased two of the 200GB 7200.7 models within the last month and am experiencing the exact same problem with both drives. One of them does it louder than the other one, but they both do it CONSTANTLY when they're not being accessed. Mine start after about 10-15 seconds of inactivity. It drives me up the wall because though it's relatively quiet, is distinctly audible over my computer's fans. Considering the entire reason I purchased these drives is because they're supposed to be quiet, I'm a bit peeved. I emailed Seagate tech support about the problem this evening, and am waiting to hear back from them to see what they say. Every drive diagnostic utility I can throw at these drives (somewhat limited, because I'm running MacOS X) seems to think there's nothing wrong with them. I'd appreciate any information that any of you may have on this issue, and will post the reply I get from Seagate Tech Support as well. Jason