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  1. Im have tested Hard Drives. They are good. They were all brand new out of box (WD200). What should I look at on the power supply to determine if it is powerful enough? I tried just hooking up one of the drivecages for therea total of 4 harddrives, and they did not show up either!
  2. Thr drives in the cages are spinning, so I don't know if there is a power issue. Is there maybe something I have to set in BIOS? The cages are 3ware cages with individula SATA connectors for each drive, I guess this is what you would call the "poor mans cage" as it doesn't have the "one" connector. I got 3ware cages becuase I assumed that that would be the way to go. The booklet that came with the Controller said to use "miultilane to individual SATA' cable for this setup. Of course, that cable did not come with the card. I called 3ware, and they said the cable was not in production yet, but they would send me a few, which they did. But it seems as this setup is at least supposed to be possible (otherwise they wouldn't have mentioned it in their manual, right?).
  3. Cages are 3Ware Drive Cage RDC-400-SATA. I haven't tried regular cables, I thought only multilane cables would work - I don't see connectors for regular serial SATA on the storage controller board.
  4. Yap. That's exactly where I don't see them... they are missing. Subsequently I cannot add them. I don't have an OS on yet obviously. Am building from scratch.
  5. I have this Ic7-MAX3 motherboard and I have put a 3ware 9500S-8MI raid controller on it. The controller connects to 2 cages, each with 4 200GB Western Digital HDs for a total of 1600GB. As the raid controller did not come with multilane sata cable octopusses I ordered these from 3ware. They told me that these cables are not yet "officially" out, will be on the shelfs later this year, but they sold me a few. Now that I try to cranck up the system, I cannot see that Drives, there are no drives to select... I was first thinking that maybe the controller cannot go into a 32 bit slot, but having read this board , that doesn't seem to be a problem. The I thought maybe the controller is bad, and got a brand new one, but the problem remains. I am getting very frustrated. Anyone has any suggestions? Anyone has this setup up and running?