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  1. Sorry, didn't saw that because i did a search and only found nothing: -TanGU.
  2. See here: http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/research/rec...rAnimation.html It said that the bit, instead of be "laying down" will stand up, to increase 10 time of more data on the future hard drive... anybody know about that technology ? -TanGU.
  3. Hmm you migh not forget the 200 GB Seagate Barracuda7200.7 Plus SATA, because it come with 5 years or warranty ! I still don't know witch one to buy me either TanGU.
  4. TanGU

    3.5" external enclosures

    Very very nice case !!! I like the way you open the case to insert a new HD in it !!! just perfect. Also it is silent and USB2 + Firewire. What else you can ask ? I'll try finding something like that in Canada ! wish me good luck hehehe TanGU.
  5. TanGU

    3.5" external enclosures

    Hey nice post ! I am looking for a drive like that too, and i was looking for a big review where they reviewed a lot of those kind of drive. In the meantime it seem to have a lot of them: http://www.cooldrives.com/usbenclosures.html But the question is... which one is the best ? TanGU.
  6. TanGU

    I should i partition my disks ?

    Sure ! nice idea ! I think i'll keep both of the 60 gig to do the raid, and maybe wait before buying the big drive... i have enough already Maybe i'll use the raid to be the download drive, and when i uncompress the stuff i'll do it into the big 120 gig that i already have... I'll see how it will work. Thanks a lot ! TanGU.
  7. TanGU

    I should i partition my disks ?

    Hi thanks for the reply. I don't know why, but i forgot that i have a 120 gig too in my machine, and i use that two 60 gig with a ide raid 0 About the 74 gig... I like the idea of putting OS and GAMES on it, but since many years i used to separate games from OS, so when i have to format, i don't have to re-install ALL the games. If i do that, let say 20 gig for the OS and the remaining 54 gig for the games, what is the consequence ? Should i put the games on another drive ? if yes why, if not why The idea of an external enclosure is pretty good, i'll put a 60 gig on that i think ! But what about the SWAP disk. On witch disk i should put the swap ? On of the 60 gig IDE drive or the big SATA drive ? And about the rendering of the video in Premiere, where should i put it ? (temp file) Thanks ! TanGU.
  8. Hi guys ! I read a little bit about that but i'm still not sure. Here is the story. I'll buy a AMD 64 bit with 1 gig of RAM. I'll buy a : - WD 74 gig SATA 10k - Maxtor DiamondMax10 or MaxLine III big drive. And i have 2 Maxtor drive 60 gig each ATA-133 I do: - Gaming - Little bit of photo editing with Photoshop - little bit of video editing with Premiere (using file more than 10 gig) - A lot of unrar with BIG files - And i'll need a storage partition where the stuff won't move. I was planning of doing a partition of WinXP using the WD74gig, but i'm not sure where i should put the game, swap file... and others stuff ? I need you good advice guys Thanks! TanGu.
  9. Hey guys there is a new one from PROMISE: http://www.promise.com/product/product_det...=129&familyId=3 Called SATAIIplus. Now support NCQ AND TCQ. Sound nice, anyone tested it ??? TanGU.
  10. TanGU

    THG reviews SATA RAID Controllers

    Hmm those card are pricy and for server maybe... not really for desktop, i mean not for me ! hehehe It's okay if you want to pure more than 3 drives on your desktop, but for me, i'll stay with two drive on raid, that's enough And the review had a lot of screenshot, more screenshot than text explanation. Verdic: i don't like that kind of review, i'm sure Eugene can do better than that TanGU.
  11. Card's out ! it's directly on the cover page of Promise.com, here is the link for those who was waiting for it: http://www.promise.com/product/product_det...=127&familyId=2 Hey check their logo : mouahaha FastTrak TX4200 Highlights: * 4 Enhanced Serial ATA 1.5G Ports for support of up to 4 drives * RAID 0/1/10 and JBOD * PCI - 32-Bit / 66 MHz * Offers sustained data transfers up to 266MB/sec * Native Command Queuing * SATA Tagged Command Queuing * Large LBA support for drives above 137GB * Disk Activity LED Headers * Combine with the SuperSwap 1100 or SuperSwap 4100 for an advanced internal storage system Who will buy that card TanGU.
  12. TanGU

    THG reviews SATA RAID Controllers

    thanks a lot!!! I'll read it, and post it after.... TanGU.
  13. Wow... my post went really bad with that Buddy guy, be cool Buddy, we are all human, with different opinion, you know that. Tell us more about your hardware and your usage, maybe we can compare ... ? Anyway (maybe we don't care.. hehe) I use raid 0 since 2 years on regular IDE drive 7200rpm, and i want to level it up a little... I was thinking about scsi, but i think i'll be fine with S-ATA. I do: Premiere, gaming, un-compress a lot of bit RAR, shrink DVD and stuff... So for me, i think Raid is the best, and i like it since 2 years and never let me down. And i'm not convinced about the TCQ'ing, but if the controller and the drive support it, logically, it won't be bad, right? Anyway, what is your controller guys, on-board or a PCI one? TanGU.
  14. SO.. Any news about the release date now ??? TanGU.
  15. Hey man that an idea... I can buy two of them and buy a cheap SATA card and do not use raid for now until i buy a new motherboard and stuff... Question: Did you plug those on two separate channel ? Because cheap sata card have 2 input... i think ? TanGU.