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  1. Im not sure if its too late to help. I used all sorts of recovery software and found the runtime get data back would be the best for what you want. Your old drives should still have recoverable data after fast format. (Not sure if you changed them from Fat32 to NTFS though) This is what I would recommend: Go buy a new Hard Drive. DO NOT use the old hard drives at all! Put the new drive in the system by itself. (No other drives) Setup Windows. Install runtime software. Power down and then put one of the faulty drives in. Run the Runtime software on the drive and restore found files to the new drive. Good luck.
  2. rocky500

    Raid 0

    I would just use single drives & stay away from Raid on your setup. The KT400 chipset's Raid is no faster than single drives. The downside is: it is harder to setup You double your chances of losing everything if a drive fails. If you upgrade it is tricky to use the drives on a new system without formating You cant more a drive to another computer to get data off or on Just get a new drive & run it by itself off the Raid controller.
  3. I just tried the latest Genie-Soft backup manager & it is great. Has excellent options Easy to use Can backup open files What I like most is I can setup a profile & tell it to make a desktop icon, so that I can initiate a backup easily on demand. Has all the options I could ask for in a backup, especially in the price it is. You can checkout more here:
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    The Death Of Raid

    I was just searching to set up my new Epox 8kda3+ M/B with a new Raid 0 setup. (2x 200JB WD drives) I have previously in the last few years used a few Raid 0 setups on many of computer upgrades in that time. I first was lured to Raid 0 in all the hype & extremely high benchmarks all the review sites & forums were posting. I myself have always thought that my setups wern't quite right, so that is why I wasn't seeing the benefits of so many others all over the net. (I put it down to me not wanting to spend all my time experimenting with different stripe sizes etc) Now I saw another review that seem to say that the Nforce3 250GB chipset has great Raid performance. I always presumed Raid has 2 drives walking together so it got to be much faster. My question I suppose now is am I better off putting the drives on NVidia controller as 2 seperate drives. Or mabey putting one on the NVidia controller & one on the other SATA controller so I have 1 each drive running with different drivers. (Mabey faster as their are 2 different controllers. Faster?) I'm so glad you have opened my eyes as I kept thinking my next Raid setup HAS to be better than this. I also have been lucky that I never had a drive fail (especially because I have always used WD drives which I have seen fail many times with others) Like everyone I always had good intensions to backup but the capacity of the drives these days makes it quite a big process, so in the end I dont backup enough. Sorry the long waffle but I was passing time waiting for my new Raid 0 setup to finish.