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    Vertex 3

    I've got a vertex3 that I am in the process of troubleshooting. Been running for about a month. Started getting occasional blue screens then "no boot device" errors. Powering off makes it able to boot. Running latest firmware. Last night I imaged my SSD to a hard drive to see if the problem goes away. Obviously if no failures, it is the ssd drive. THen might try secure erase.
  2. Haven't heard that but mine is running on a Supermicro.
  3. I have been using an LSI 9261-8i for about two months but only with 8 2TB drives and no SSD's. Setup was very easy and I have had no issues to date.
  4. I just built a media server with 8 ST32000644NS on an LSI 9261-8i. Been running only a couple weeks but so far so good. I'm using Raid 6 with a cold spare to get max space. I had 8 1Gb seagate consumer grade drives on my old server and they rand without a hitch so I figured I would stick with seagate. I didn't see any real advantage to SAS for a home server so I stuck with sata.
  5. Bish

    Question about LSI controllers

    Not sure if the terminology is the same however on my 9281-81, I can setup one large raid6 array and then setup multiple smaller virtual drives. The aren't really "nested", just smaller slices of the raid pie so to speak. Hope that answers your question.
  6. Thanks. I feel better about it. For the record, I have created a 11TB array with no problems.
  7. That's what I was hoping. I went ahead and installed them last night and created an array to start testing. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Getting ready to build a new larger array for home. I have 8 Constellation ES 2TB drives on an LSI 9261-8i controller. I have 4 drives with SN11 firmware and 4 drives with SN12. SN11 is on the LSI compatible list and Seagate shows no updates available. Should I pursue updating the firmware all to SN12 or no big deal running half and half?
  9. Writing zeros is good for the average person that does not have skills to recover your data. If you are more concerned, use "boot and Nuke" which allows many methods to securely write over your data. I believe it is free also. For drives other than my personal computer (HTPC and such), I just write zeros to the drive since there is noting needing security. If it is my personal drive with my data on it, I use boot & nuke.
  10. Bish

    Retro Storage: 1956 IBM RAMAC

    Damn. I used to work on 20Mb drives the size of a washing machine We all carried vacuum cleaner belts as the belts (that's right, belt drive) broke all the time!
  11. Yup. I have an intel 80gb at home and with Win7 and apps (games on another disk) I'm pushing 60Gb. The 128 is for my laptop where I don't have the option of adding another drive. And I came from a 320Gb WD Scorpio Black to 128Gb so I'm whittling down the stuff I keep on it.
  12. No testing but it SEEMED to be getting a little slower over a month. I ran ATTO tests on it after and it seems to be pretty fast!!! I'm sold on SSD for boot drives. I just wish they would drop in price and rise in capacity!
  13. I did the update today. Full backup. Firmware upgrade. Then a little trouble. The SSD was NOT seen by Acronis TrueImage and I could not restore. In the bios, it got set back to NATIVE mode instead of IDE mode. Switched it to IDE and still no luck. Then after about 10 minutes of clicking in Acronis, the SSD suddenly showed up. Restore worked flawlessly from that point forward. Booted up after the restore with no issues. For a while I thought I was going to have to run out and get another so I could work today
  14. Bish

    A duck or True Image for $10?

    Fantastic deal. I've been using TrueImage for the last 3 versions with excellent results. I wonder if they are getting ready for a new release?
  15. I use PerfectDisk2008.