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  1. ZStation

    What Is Maxline Ii's Capacity?

    Yes, the leading 7 denotes MaxLine. DM+9 have a leading 6 in the model no.
  2. I used a pair of 6Y200M0 drives in a server I built not so long ago - they ran considerably hotter than I'm used to with any other version of DM+9. I have no temp readings at hand, but going by touch I'd say they ran at about 55C in a well ventilated 4U rack case. I think the heat is normal - how well the drives can cope with it is another matter. Only time will tell.
  3. ZStation

    Intel 865perl Bios Updated And Failed

    For an overclocker (which looking at your sig, you are), they are far from desirable. But for the corporate desktop, which they are designed for, are perfectly suited. I suggest you go and troll elsewhere... I am an overclocker, yes. But, during the day I build and service thousands of PCs a year for many different uses by many different people. I used a number of Intel D865PERL boards, and all had problems. The Gigabyte and Epox boards I also use have been significantly more reliable and easier to maintain. The D865PERL is not the only Intel board I've used, but the only that gave any sort of problems, and consistantly so. Who's the troll now?
  4. ZStation

    Whine Whine Whine.

    Welcome to the Western Digital "Whine-of-Doom". Chances are your drive isn't failing, just getting noisier with age.
  5. ZStation

    Get Your Very Own British Female Slave!

    British women are hot. Quite a few of them at least. Just to to England and look down the streets. If you think English women are hot, you should come over to Belfast - the women here are far and away better than on the UK mainland. There are advantages to living in this country. Not many, but they do exist.
  6. ZStation

    Intel 865perl Bios Updated And Failed

    Yep, this just confirms my feeling - the D865PERL sucks ass. I've used a few, and they were total junk - did Intel get PCChips to design this board for them?
  7. Why are we feeding the troll anyway?
  8. ZStation

    Do Sata And Ide Get Along?

    I've no problems mixing SATA, PATA and SCSI - all on i865PE ICH5, SCSI on a 39160. System as per .sig
  9. ZStation

    Price War Baby!

    *sniff* I paid £140 for a 5900XT and run it at more than 5950Ultra speeds. There's a £200 saving right off. The two new contenders definately look like they'll make big new games like Farcry etc run at full speed at native resolutions on modern TFTs (1280x1024).
  10. Considering the only native SATA drive is the Seagate Barracuda, why would you expect anything different? Maxtor, WD, Samsung, Hitachi - all standard PATA drives using the Marvell SATA bridge chip. Go back under your bridge like a good little Troll, and don't try getting all uptight and start flaming on a forum when you don't know what you're talking about. Thanks.
  11. ZStation

    Which Os On Old Clunkers

    The slowest P4 I can buy from my component supplier is a 2.8C. Yep, I'm building machines with 2.8C, 256Mb PC3200 and 80Gb HDDs for running IE and Outlook Express for the most part. It's ludicrous. 2000 will run better on old junk. Going to XP is a bad idea just for remote desktop. VNC is an ideal solution, it's easier to manage than PCAnywhere, and works better on low speed connections. PCAnywhere is bloated unstable junk in comparison - and this is comping from someone who spends most of their day on remote access systems via VPN. Proxy, PCAnywhere, VNC, XP Remote Desktop, 2000 Server Terminal Services - VNC is the most stable, Remote Desktop the quickest until it drops the connection when available bandwidth dries up.
  12. ZStation

    Power Requirements Of Ata Drives

    I swapped the piece of junk Antec SL350SP PSU in my SLK2700-BQE for my trusty old Chieftec 360W. The Chieftec performs similarly to the Antec, but is a considerable amount quieter.
  13. ZStation

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    Well, I just moved my PC from my Chieftec BX-02 case into an Antec SLK-3700BQE. It's Antec's "quiet" case. The howling cat from my 7K250 is almost inaudable now, thanks to the rubber grommit HDD mountings. Amazingly, the PSU that came with this case was REALLY loud - I ripped it out and put in my old mainstay Sparkle with it's silent red LED fan.
  14. ZStation

    Seagate 7200.7 Drives - Major Problems

    Two drives dying within days makes me suspect one of two things: 1. Your PSU is giving issues. 2. Your cleaner knocked your PC over when you weren't looking. Seagate, in my experience, are quite reliable. I've had about 0.05% failure rate with the Barracuda IV. I've had limited contact with the Cuda V and 7200.7, but so far so good.
  15. Sounds like the head did a bit of a crash and burn on the surface of the drive.