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    Tyson vs. Lewis

    As long as they feed Tyson before the fight, it should be fine, I hope. But I think Lewis, once he goes through the first round, will catch Tyson with a few good ones. Tyson hasn't fought anyone who actually hit him in a while. I doubt he's ready for Lennox. Put him against Tua. That'll be a good fight. Give Tua a chance to come back from his blunders, give Tyson a fair test.
  2. victord

    the lord of the rings...

    I BEG YOU ALL: PLEASE go to and vote *1* for this movie. We can't allow this movie to be rated number 1 (above "The Godfather" and "Schindler's List" and "Dr. Strangelove" and the rest). Common, even if you liked this three hour children's film with all the weirdo coincidences, you have to admit it is not in the same league as the other movies on the "Top 250 list". Common people, lets be fair. The kids are voting because they're little ten year-olds, with hardly any ability to put the film into perspective. We got to do something! Vote *1*, offset the unfair rating! I did. Do the right thing!
  3. victord

    36x 12x 48x CD-RWs!!!

    I have a question: what the heck is the difference between 8x and 16x and 36x CD-Rs? Is there any? Not that it makes a difference: my upgrade was from 4x Plextor to an 8X Yamaha (just because I wanted fancy CD-RW)
  4. victord

    How do you register?

    I'll add it to the yellow bar in a few. Hopefully this will not cause any more searches. The reasoning was to put it there because this will be a general bar for user control and all related things (they should be together for consistency). We're looking to step away from the "yellow" bar soon and add dropdowns. I am looking for a good dropdown software (js) that already works. I didn't like HierMenus because the code is 30K and it is not free (as I understand it). Any suggestions welcome. Dropdowns is when you realize just why NS4 sucks so much.
  5. victord

    Forum Bug Reports

    The single most irritating bug is probably the incredible churning sensation in my abdomen. As soon as I read the headline on the home page I felt my body temperature drop like that (my second reaction was to check the calendar. Is it April 1st already?) I feel as though I've just written zeros to a good chunk of my own memories; a dangerous thing when you consider that we're hardly anything more than a collection of our memories. Of course, MY memory haven't been wiped out - SR of old is still a smattering of bio/electrochemical reactions somewhere inside my cranium - but our collective memory has been flushed, which, I think, is equally troubling, in a way. Makes one realize just how volatile a medium this really is. Oh well. Here we go again. Piyono Hahaha. You know guys, I recently watched a movie called Memento. I think you will like that film. It's about a guy who can't make new memories. So if he meets someone or talks to them, in a few minutes, he'll forget everything about it. It actually wasn't all that bad but you need to watch it twice.