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  1. Correct, the journal/history file must be on the drive being protected (GoBack creates an entry in that drives MBR), but don't lose sight of the fact that GoBack is not intended as, nor should be used in place of, a true system backup! Correct again. Any such process must consume some computing resources. So as I said before, it's just a matter of what the additional security is worth to whomever is considering using it.
  2. I can think of two reasons; either your company is too narrow-sighted to realise that there are better options than Dell, or your company knows very well that Dell is by far the best supplier of Xeon workstations so that there's no need to look elsewhere for comparisons. I hope and believe that the latter is the case, but I realise that you are not allowed to tell. Thanks for your help Or that the company he works for is Dell !!!
  3. Spock... I would be shocked if it didn't result in some performance hit, afterall it's writing your file updates to its own journal-file. By the same measure, RAID 1 (mirroring) results in a performance hit because of the duplicate writes to the mirrored drive (and I think that GoBack makes a lot more sense because it offers multiple time-frames of the file you wish to recover)! I do a Ghost image backup weekly, so the 5-7 days of 'undoing' that GoBack 3 typically allows me fills the gap very well. I have actually had to use it on two occaisions and it worked flawlessly both times! So it's just a matter of what the additional security is worth to you. Anyhow, when I have the time I will 'bench' my system with and without GoBack 3 Dlx, but I can tell you right now that I'm very willing to give up whatever small performance hit I realize for its wonderful undo convenience.
  4. I use and rely on GoBack 3 Deluxe. It's not a substitute for backing up but it is a great interim method for 'undoing' almost anything that has gone wrong over the past few days! It is far better than XP's Restore, in that it provides for selective file by file undoing. By default GoBack 3 Dlx takes 10% of your disk's capacity, but you can increase/decrease that amount during installation. I agree with the disk-imaging ideas expressed above, and I myself use Ghost to create an image to a removable HDD. But that in no way precludes the added security that GoBack 3 Dlx provides! :wink:
  5. This was going pretty well - for a while. At this point I really don't know whether or not there is any WinXP Pro feature that I need. I will look into that, so I'd appreciate it if some of you would chill-out on that subject. :wink: My biggest dilemma right now is the choice of a chipset/motherboard. Granite Bay boards are very scarce at this time, so (unfortunately) that probably eliminates them from consideration in order to meet my completion deadline (2/10/03). Since I prefer the stability of Intel chipsets, that pretty much leaves me having to decide between an i845PE board and i850E board. But in either case I would actually prefer an Asus board over an Intel board - just for the sake of gaining a little 'teakability' (although I'm far from a hard-core overclocker). So that narrows it down to the P4PE or P4T533-C, each of which will accommodate at least 1GB of RAM (which I believe is desirable for photo & video editing). So help me decide... the P4PE (with Corsair XMS PC2700) or the P4T533-C (with Samsung Original PC1066). :? Thanks again!
  6. Good point. I had just returned home from a full day and was very tired when I initiated the thread... sorry about that... Comp will be used mostly for photo/video editing and some gaming (just to lighten-up). As I stated (not to well, I admit), I'm prepared to spend up to $2K on the box, including all parts (Case, PSU, O/S, CPU, RAM, HDD(s), Video Card, DVD and CD-RW). Already have the monitor, speakers and all apps, so those items need not be considered within the $2k. To those that have already given it their best shot, considering the lack of vital information - it's been real interesting... :wink:
  7. If you had to build a P4 system within the next 10 days and were given $2K to spend on the box and its parts, which P4, motherboard, RAM and HDD would you select and why?
  8. JA

    WD400JB vs WD800JB

    I stand corrected... I wonder then why the 120 gig benches better than the 80 gig?One other question - As the database doesn't include IDE drives in the 20 gig range, can you tell me which is the fastest ATA/100 in that size?
  9. JA

    Opinion on monitor wanted

    Have you seen http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,a...d,105095,00.asp?
  10. JA

    WD400JB vs WD800JB

    Yes and unless I'm mistaken, the performance of the WD600JB, WD1200JB, and WD1800JB should be pretty much the same in that all three use 60gig platters.
  11. Sorry, I didn't see that. As a very happy member of the i850E-PC1066 camp, I guess I'm overly sensitive to all of the RAMBUS bashers, so I jumped on that too quickly! :oops:
  12. wrong. I agree, Demon's statement is absolutely incorrect.
  13. Well I don't pretend to know much about SCSI drives, but I sure don't understand that either. At 10000 RPM, those 9GB SCSI drives certainly have lower latency than 7200 RPM IDE drives and they exhibit a lower ave seek time of about 5.2ms vs 8.5ms for the best of the current IDEs!Perhaps Silvar can enlighten both of us as to the weakness of this kind of comparison. :idea:
  14. If I recall correctly from a previous thread, you are a heavy PhotoShop user. If that's correct, you should pay particular attention to where you will assign PS' scratch-disks. According to Adobe, given a system with multiple hard-drives, you will realize far better performance by locating PS' scratch-disks on a different drive than the one containing Windows' paging file. They also recommend using the fastest drive in your system for PS' scratch-disks!But as Silvar suggests, you want your boot drive to be fast... So as I see it, you need 2 fast drives and you should not compromise that for a cheaper, older and slower 9GB. :roll: