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  1. watcher

    Samsung F series?!

    Let's have them then (the solid answers) instead of the speculation, jokes, and innuendo as to whether they're prototypes.
  2. watcher

    Samsung F series?!

    Perhaps that's all he could afford to buy?. Why don't you message the guy selling and ask him if you're that curious as I have no solid answers. Obviously they're now available (admittedly in low numbers) and are thus not vaporware. Historically Samsung drives have always been slow to market and been available elsewhere in retail sector before NTH America gets them. Quite a few Australian online stores have been listing them for a few weeks now with a 1-3 day order in or drop shipment. Up until now though I've not seen them listed as actually 'stocked' by anyone except this person selling on ebay. Make of it what you will. I was only advising that I had finally seen stock.
  3. watcher

    Samsung F series?!

    Yeah I'm sure they would ship them downunder for that
  4. watcher

    Samsung F series?!

    6 x HD103UJ drives are listed for sale on Aussie eBay Samsung F1
  5. watcher

    Samsung SpinPoint P120

    No 'specific' mention that I can see that the drive tested from the outset was actually the 250GB model SP2504C beyond the title of the transfer graph jpeg and too many references to family designation as a whole ie P120. Only the SP2504C model can be assured of actually using 2x 125GB per platter so results are not representative of both drive models within family. While on the subject of transfer graphs I had issue with this: If it has no bearing then why even mention it? Or if you're going make it an issue then to be fair you should link to graphs of other drives 'within the review' as well with explanation of importance and relevance rather than just slight the Samsung for something that in your own words comes across as contradictory and of little importance. Succinctly, put up or shutup. The SP2504C is no longer the flagship model so should NOT have been compared to other manufacturers latest flagship models. T series is out there already and SR is way too late 'as usual' reviewing Samsung drives and comparing them directly with their true contemporary competitors ie the DM10 250GB, 7200.8 or 7200.9 250GB models etc. Please, compare apples with apples and do it in a timely fashion so that one of them is not left rotting in the bottom of the barrel to be 'eventually' and disfavorably compared to others just picked.
  6. watcher

    Hard Drive Temperature

    Last summer I installed 2 of my drives one being an IBM 30 gig 60gxp into the 5.25" bays with an 80mm fan in front of them and I found with the cooling dropping temps 10C with the IBM now sitting around 30C instead of 40C+ that performance tests did slightly improve as far as benchmark results go. There is definately some degradation to performance as temps increase. I was quite surprised by what I saw happening. The added cooling didn't save the IBM disk though from being yet another statistical failure.
  7. watcher

    Hard Drive Temperature

    I downloaded it and it wouldn't install no matter what I did until I installed an IBM drive in my machine and then it would install. It obviously does a check routine through the install process and if the drives don't have onboard temp sensor then the install halts. Anyway it definately doesn't detect any temps on the latest WD JB's I periodically have other drives in my machine such as IBM and Samsung but currently only have 2 x120 gig JB's. I think Dtemp as a program is far better too as it provides other Smart info that HDD Temperature doesn't. Thanks for the link
  8. watcher

    Samsung SP1604N or SP1614N anyone?

    Thanks for that it's loading now. Prior to this I tried downloading it outright as a file and it didn't work. Tried downloading and viewing in web page with acrobat plugin and it didn't work. Finally getting to view it.
  9. watcher

    Hard Drive Temperature

    when did WD start putting temp monitors in their HDDs? It must be fairly recent, since all the ones I've checked have never had it. In the last 2.5 weeks I've bought 2 WD1200JB drives and their build dates are the 22nd and 26th of May 2003 and neither have their temps detected by Dtemp. If someones detecting temps via Smart I'd like to know with what.?
  10. watcher

    80G Maxtor vs WD

    Really? and where are they moving to? Do they take you and the case along for the ride? I'm sure that the platters inside my 7200rpm drives are rotating at the same speed but the hard drives are not moving anywhere that I can see. Better take a motion sickness tablet, sit down and close your eyes and your hard drives should stop moving. If they don't then perhaps seek medical help and take a vacation.
  11. watcher

    Samsung SP1604N or SP1614N anyone?

    Frustrating isn't it. The new range hasn't appeared for sale in Australia yet AFAIK. I emailed them over a week ago requesting information on availability and so far have recieved no response When I first became aware of their new range some weeks back I attempted to download the .PDF docs and despite numerous attempts they all get reported by Acrobat reader as being corrupt. I'm having no problem with .PDF docs elsewhere and I can even download and view the tech docs on their old range of P40 drives. I emailed them about this and recieved a reply that they're ok their end but I doubt they were even checked. If anyone else would care to try and download the .PDF docs on the various new V80 and P80 range and verify this for themselves it would be useful. I've been using their drives for years and so far haven't had a personal failure of one which is why I continue to buy their drives but their lack of enthusiasm for their own product is at times rediculous and makes both existing and potential new customers wonder why they even bother At least Samsungs main HDD pages finally got updated which is a small miracle in itself. I hope Storage Review do at some time review the P80 because there is some interest in the new range even if it's from a generally quiet minority of those interested in HDD's
  12. That's an incredible price compared to what we pay locally for that drive in OZ @ around $800 AUD Just did a currency conversion and that deal of $199.00 after rebates works out to around $339.25 AUD a whopping $460 AUD difference compared to typical pricing here. Not fair :cry: We obviously pay too much here for identical product.
  13. I was wondering about the warranty situation too.: I bought a WD800JB back in November 02 and I promptly checked it's warranty status online, it expires August 2005 :? So about 3 months is missing from the Warranty period. Given that some stores can carry stock for some months before sale and it takes time for shipments of drives to move around the world from country of manufactuer and filter through various links in the chain such as distributors, retailers, end consumer etc I find it an unacceptable practice for any manufacturer to start a warranty from date of manufactuer. I suppose in my case if the drive fails between August and November 05 then my only avenue for warranty is through my retailer (if they're still in business!) Always pays to keep reciepts. :wink: I just finished checking the warranty status of an IBM 60gxp 30 gig drive I purchased in November 2001 and it still says it's got warranty which surprised me as I was under the assumption that being a 30 gig 60gxp which is only supposed to of been available as an OEM drive for system builders and not to be sold retail seperately (mine was) that it would only carry one year? Anyway seems it may carry three although unlike WD's site which gives an expiry date Hitachi's doesn't.
  14. watcher

    ATA/100 HDD Recommendations Needed

    No it's not and many studies in the past have found a HDD to be the most unreliable part that makes up a computer. When you have an amalgamation of electronics and mechanical moving parts it's inherently so that things can and do go wrong because there is so much that CAN go wrong. HDD's are way up there with domestic VCR's and cars for exactly the same reasons. That was never in contention as far as I was concerned because no one in this thread was saying there was that perception except you so the point you were trying to make was never needed or warranted based on what was said. I got your point I just didn't see the need for you to continually state it when no one was in disagreement with it. I disagree. You can have two identical drives and have one fail early and one last years and if that aint random I don't know what is. The fact that drive manufacturers wan't to make excuses to limit warranty doesn't mean everyone has to swallow and perpetuate that line as being acceptable practice. So if a drive fails one year and one day after warranty your happy to spend the same amount again because the manufacturer said it will likely happen? Personally I'd rather have the 3 year warranty so I'm covered and I'm not forced to outlay again within that time frame. Sure the one year warranty drive has just as much likihood of reaching the same time as the 3 year warranty drive before failure but just as much chance that if it doesn't you're going to be out of pocket. Yes we do agree on that.
  15. watcher

    Which brand hard drive to buy?

    You greatly overestimate the randomness of the universe, as well as the equality of drives.... And you overestimate your ability to silence a reasonable opinion by posting one liner retorts with no substantiating argument to counter what I've said. If you can come up with any valid logical argument for opposing my view in the merits of choosing a product because it has a longer warranty over one with less please explain and share your open minded views.