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  1. Like Spod describes, this is likely the issue of having too many option ROM's. Only one of the two (SCSI, IDE RAID) will POST, however, they will still both be detected & usable under Windows. So, I suggest you decide which card you need POST access to, then move it closer to the AGP slot than the other one (SCSI or IDE). That will give priority to that card, but will still allow both cards to be visible under Windows. I have the same issue with 3Ware Escalade 6200 and an Adaptec 29160N. Hope that helps.
  2. My pair of Maxtor D740X's have a bearing whine that is rather piercing. It's unfortunate because they were (are) nice drives. If only I had a hearing impairment at that frequency.
  3. Honestly? Not really. You're not going to notice anything different for your applications. To speed things up, keep your system, swap file, and Photoshop temp file on separate drives. Or for gaming, keep your OS on one drive and your games on another. FAT32 filesystem for max performance.
  4. I'd wait until Doom 3 or Half Life 2 comes out, then buy. Perhaps by that time a 9700 Pro will drop to a reasonable level. A lot of folks recommend a 9500 Pro because it is cost effective, on-par with a TI4600 and has DX9 support for future games.
  5. I have a RAID-1 array hanging off an Escalade 6200, and if I select "Standby" in windows, the system does just that, including the drives which spin down. The same happens for my ATA drives in my firewire enclosures.
  6. Guys, for 2K SP3 and under should I apply only the AMD AGP miniport driver then and nix the VIA 4-in-1s?
  7. emu10k

    Which video card should I get?

    Edit: I have seen only GOOD reviews on the Sapphire 9500 Pro card.
  8. emu10k

    Which video card should I get?

    For an ATI card, a 9500 pro is recommended. I have not seen only good reviews on the Sapphire brand. In most cases, I have seen the OEM and retail versions differ by only $10. I'd rather get the retail in case I have to send the card back to the manu. In some cases, the 9500 pro has the documented wavy-lines on some systems/displays, but this has been circumvented by using the DVI-VGA adapter rather than the VGA port on the card. Most will recommend a TI4200 on the Nvidia side. It can be easily overclocked and is a stable and cost-effective workhorse. I have the MSI part and the fan is a little noisy, I find. However, it came with an excellent software bundle. What is your personal preference? Ati or Nvidia? Then go from there, let us know what you think.
  9. Hello, I have a motherboard with a VIA northbridge and an AMD-761 southbridge. Because of this mix, I have performed the following in the past on a fresh XP install: 1) Install VIA 4-n-1's, omit AGP patch checkmark. 2) Install AMD's AGP Miniport driver. Should I be doing only a 4-in-1 installation, allowing the AGP check box to be checked, or should I only be doing the AMD AGP miniport driver install, or both? Thanks for your insights.
  10. emu10k

    Booking system needed...

    Have you considered an Excel wookbook with "Sharing" turned on so more than one person can edit it? Then, you can color-code cells and such, depending on who books the meeting or the priority of the meeting. It should not be hard to find a pre-made workbook with a calendar-style layout ready to go.
  11. I am working on getting a DEC 5000 Server going. It's a Pentium Pro 200 server with a Mylex DAC raid controller. The system typically will go through the following: 1) system BIOS msg 2) Mylex DAC raid msg 3) 2 x Adaptec onboard SCSI controller msgs 4) system summary screen 5) boot into OS (NT Server 4.0) Occasionally, however, the system will hang at Step 4, the floppy drive light stuck on. The front bezel LCD display indicates all temps, voltages, etc. are normal. Could this be a power supply issue? Any ideas?
  12. emu10k

    Safe to flash 29160N BIOS?

    I have had success flashing a Compaq-branded (with custom BIOS, originally) Adaptec AHA2940-U/UW card with the latest from Adaptec. No issues, just lost some of the custom features in the original Compaq BIOS. I think the disclaimer is more for motherboard-embedded controllers.
  13. emu10k

    minimum CPU for w2k or XP

    For anyone who's interested: I have run Windows 2000 fine on the following system: HP Vectra XA P200 96 MB RAM 4 GB Quantum Fireball lct08 ATA Matrox Millenium PCI w/ 2MB
  14. Recently I took apart a failed IBM 75 GXP 7,200 rpm 30 GB ATA hard drive (Hungary). I noticed the platters were made of glass because I broke a piece off of one with a sharp rap from a screwdriver. Could this contribute to the reliability issues with the 60/75GXP line? Perhaps the glass does not hold the magnetic coating well? Any feedback & opinions is appreciated.
  15. Sean, Why not throw it in an old, used PC? Then you can have multiple drives, hardware or software RAID if you choose, your choice of operating system and remote administration, and finally a terminal to browse the SR forums from.