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    Is My 2000jb Dead?

    I have recovered my partition E: (the one with valuable data) with MRECOVER. So this will be a lesson :-)
  2. tripcore

    Partitioning For Speed?

    Gilbo, thank you very much for having shed light on what had actually happen to my drive Shame on me, I'm lame I asked about my problem in this thread: What I desperately need now is to somehow re-register my partition E: to the MBR. Could anyone recommend a utility or a procedure for this? This must be not a hard task I guess As for multiple partitions, I had: 1) 2GB disk C: with FAT and Windows 98 - for the only reason to play some old games that don't work under XP. Well, maybe this is not a good idea to utilize the best sectors of the disk for things that I almost never run, but there is no other way to install a Win98 together with WinXP, right? Maybe I should try some DOS emulator instead of using real Win98. 2) 4GB disk D: for Windows XP and some other system things. The only reason for the separate partition is - what if I need to reinstall WinXP without updating. There is no other way to do so but to reformat the partition, right? 3) The rest - disk E: for programs and data. If I didn't consider reasons 1) and 2) I would gladly use the single partition, as I did with my previous drive. Sorry for offtopic...
  3. tripcore

    Is My 2000jb Dead?

    Well, first, the drive is physically 100% OK (as determined by WinDLG and SMART utilities). Second, I've found no viruses. Third, it seems the reason is a pre-SP1 WinXP (shame on me, I didn't know about the issue, I've learnt about it in this thread: Maybe the pre-SP1 was on my friend's computer. When we copied files to/from my drive, the first partition got damaged. And of course the first thing I thought of was that I damaged the drive when handling it. But... it's strange that the computer crashed the second time, when I was working in WinXP SP1 from my disk D: Well, I created partitions D: and E: before installing SP1, so maybe this had some impact. Anyway, it's more of theoretical interest now. What matters me now is how to restore partition E: in the MBR. PLEASE could anyone suggest a simple utility or procedure to do this? The partition (the file allocation table) looks mostly OK, the Stellar Phoenix demo finds it. But which utility can just write it to the MBR? As I understand, what Stellar Phoenix and many other utilities do is copy the restored files to another, healthy partition, but I don't have this option because there's just not enough free room. I just need to recover the partition. Thanks in advance.
  4. tripcore

    Is My 2000jb Dead?

    Thanks, I'll try it. I mean the drive alone. Well, I hope so... I put it in two thick protective bags. I don't remember bashing or dropping it, but of course there is always some shock when walking :-\
  5. tripcore

    Is My 2000jb Dead?

    Hello everybody. I recently bought a new computer (the previous one had a Barracuda IV and was stolen last october :-( The new one has WD 2000JB (what I really hated about this drive from the very start was that it's very, very noisy compared to the Barracuda, especially the idle hiss) There were 3 partitions on the drive: one FAT32 (C: with Win98) and two NTFS (D: with WinXP and E: with data) Well, the problem. Two days ago I carried the drive to a friend of mine, to exchange movies etc. When I brought it home, the system didn't start. The C: (FAT) partition appeared to be damaged (allocation table and boot record), and D: and E: were OK. So I reformatted C: as FAT, installed WinXP onto it and edited boot.ini so that WinXP started from disk D: All worked OK, but the next day, when I was using disk E: heavily, a blue screen appeared, and since then the system didn't boot. C: was OK but the boot record was damaged and partitions D: and E: disappeared. I've done fixboot and now the system boots from C: So... the first question is, does this look like a consequence of physical damage (and not a virus like CIH)? I didn't bash the drive against a wall but still I did carry it in a bag :-( Of course I could try to return it under the warranty. But I'd also like to restore dozens of gigs of data that I've already put there, so could anyone recommend a program that would try to search for the lost partitions?