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  1. Does rounded IDE cables affects the overall performance or maybe lowers down data integrity? From what i understand rounded IDE are done by stripping the normal IDE cables and these strips might cause shock between themselves. How true is that, what do u guys reckon?
  2. Fuzzy

    enabling a 250gb hdd capacity

    hi shoemakc, r u running OS + programs/applications/files/etc on one 250gb hdd itself? as i m using two different hdd, one hdd for OS and the 250gb hdd as my storage. as u mention about losing data, if i format my hdd that contains the OS , will i lose data frm the 250gb hdd as well? cheers
  3. I am running my OS on one hdd (ide master)and recently I just bought a WD 250gb hdd (ide slave). At lot of reviews out there says that most OS like Windows 2k, XP, etc can only detect hdd capacity up to 137GB , its something like a barrier which needs to be enabled. My question here is once I enable the 137 GB barrier (my OS is on ide master), I will get to see the whole 250gb cap, but if I reformat my OS (ide master) again, does it mean I need to enable the 137 GB barrier again? cheers mates
  4. apart from raptors & hitachi hdd, which other brand/model that suits the title? shall i go for sata or pata? will really appreciate ur replies. cheers
  5. Fuzzy

    my sata hdd problem

    scroll down till bottom, u will get to see 3 types of connection the sata connectors what r those connections at the far right of the seagate hdd?? cheers
  6. Fuzzy

    my sata hdd problem

    can u guys check that seagate sata drives have 3 types of connections : 1st : for the sata power cable 2nd: sata data cable 3rd : what's that?? it has 4-pins ( is that some sort of power connector or its jumper) pls help. thks.
  7. i've got a Seagate 7200.7 SATA 160 GB running for a week, but just yesterday, i had a problem with the hdd. when i boot up my pc as usual and when detecting ide drives , my pc just stall like that as there is no error messages or whatsoever. then i went to check my sata hdd and i found there is no power supplied to the hdd as its cold though the sata power cable has been connected. how do i solve this problem now? the seagate hdd has another 4-pin to molex connector, should i try that? will it help or its confirm dead too coz they are all onboard the pcb?? do u guys think that the pcb board on the seagate hdd is DEAD?? do u guys think that the hdd suffered some shock that damaged the pcb?? need help here guys...
  8. Fuzzy

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7

    I found out that there is two benchmark readings for the Seagate 7200.7 160 GB SATA drive. The readings in the Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 review is lower than the readings found in the performance database. What's the cause of the different readings though its the same hardisk? Cheers
  9. which of the two performs best? i ve gone thru the reviews, benchmarks , etc. still undecided as i plan to buy one between those two soon.. about the benchmark thingy, what are the most important criterions that u guys look for eg. disk read/write time, drivemarks, winmarks, etc?? imho, the 200GB model has high disk read/write time, low drivemarks but high winmarks compared to the 160GB model. what r the priorities here that u guys normally go for? cheers guys