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    IBM Deskstar 120GXP

    I have had a bad experience with my 120GXP 100GB Drive that I purchased from Fry's Electronics in September 2002. It would make perioding sustained whining noises and one hot Arizona September 2003 day, the drive had a power glitch in the middle of the whining noise with a clickety-click noise too. Due to the power glich, my file copy was interuppted giving me a cannot write file to disk error, and this made the DeathStar (definitely not a DeskStar) 120GXP Unreliable. I took the drive back to Fry's Electronics and they replaced it with a so far been great Maxtor 6Y120L0 120GB Hard Drive. My advice to 120GXP owners is back up all of your work, and if the drive fails, dont get another Hitachi/IBM replacement buy a Maxtor 6YxxxL0, 6YxxxP0, or 7YxxxP0 drive because you may experience problems again later with a Hitachi/IBM drive replacement.