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    Which notebook HD ?

    I depends on what you need/want most, how much money you want to spend, and how long you are willing to wait (as some of these have already been announced but haven´t hit the market yet)... On the Hitachi line I´d go with: For speed the Travelstar 7K60: (7200RPM, 60GB, 8MB buffer) http://www.hitachigst.com/portal/site/en/m...4703e3aac4f0a0/ I have one on my Mac iBook G4 and it is great. For capacity the Travelstar 4K120 (4200RPM, 120GB, 8MB buffer): http://www.hitachigst.com/portal/site/en/m...4703e3aac4f0a0/ I am not sure this is for sale yet... For both speed and capacity the Travelstar 7K100 (7200RPM, 100GB, 8mb buffer): http://www.hitachigst.com/portal/site/en/m...1824a0eac4f0a0/ I am not sure this is for sale yet... No, I don´t work for IBM/Hitachi or their retailers, I just liked the 7K60 so much that I am already on the look out for the next thing from them. Good shopping!