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  1. der_halt

    How much memory for file servers.

    Rick keep low. Just check some results of netbench tests on the web. A quick google search brought up this: There are outlined some of the impacts that optimizations have on samba performance. In the above mentioned comparison: Some were included - many not. And that after several days of optimization... The disk-subsystems were not compared. This could have given a hint, whether it is a RAID-Controller problem, or not. As lower speced Systems yield better results ( some can be found at the above mentioned page), as the ones tested in the VeriTest report, there seems to be some minor bias. I am sure there are more knowledgeable persons out there that can point at more wrongs in the report. cya ralf
  2. der_halt

    Pentium-M and motherboards

    Here's another one: Lippert but it seems to be even more expensive. 440€ at cya ralf
  3. der_halt

    RIAA philosophical question

    Oops - on anyone they want You don't have to change it. It is exactly what will happen. Any person that holds a copyright would be eligible to do so - according to an interview in the german c't magazine with Sarah Deutsch from Verizon. It is obvious that ISP wouldn't like anything like that to happen. They would have to answer thousands of requests from every person that claims that someone "distributes" their copyrighted material. That's why Verizon will go to the Supreme Court if they have to. cya ralf
  4. der_halt

    W2k Terminal Server Specs

    Hi, for TS single CPU Servers are not really effective IMO. 4x15k drives is kind of overkill. As all people use office it will be in memory. There won't be much disk access. Better use a dedicated file server (ease of administration, better scalability, ms recommends TS <> DC...). For a server farm you will need w2k advanced or citrix. w2k standard doesn't support load balancing. cya ralf
  5. der_halt

    Hans Blix's little secret....

    With apologies to Santayama - Must we quote Nazi war criminals to make a point? Were they really so wise? At any rate his words of "wisdom" which you quote are not analogous with the U.S. war on terror. We Americans need not be convinced we are being "attacked". No fairy tales of Polish aggression are needed here as they were in the Fatherland. We all saw the Jets fly into the World Trade Center Towers on September 11. We saw the buildings fall, the people jumping to their deaths to escape the fires. We saw the three thousand perish. So you see, there is no need to convince us, we are quite certain we have been attacked. Uh. Somehow I didn't expect to read something like that here. I have never read more fitting quotes. And it seems you either ignore the point they make (distraction), or you didn't get it. The deceit in this case is not that someone is attacked, but by whom. There is absolutely no proof that Iraq has anything to do with those terrorists. The attack should have been a excuse for thinking about politics. And not a excuse for leading war. It is the deceit that war will solve the problem. Goering was a twisted man, but he was the master of deceit. The master of propanda. Face the truth: evil men are not always the most stupid. However you would like to have it. cya ralf
  6. der_halt

    How secure is a RDC/Terminal Server?

    Sorry, a bit still reccomend VPN over SSH? Even though SSH is more simple? Maybe my English got a bit confused there?! What I meant: IMO a VPN is easier to implement as there is already a VPN server (running). The client side is also not very difficult to set up. The less services run on a server the better. cya ralf
  7. It depends on the speed of your dvd drive. The CPU only matters, if you want to reencode. For burning time: depends only on the speed of your DVD recorder. 4x recorder is 15mins for 4.7GB cya ralf
  8. der_halt

    How secure is a RDC/Terminal Server?

    it is still more simple as ssh or with more pictures: and now don't try to tell me they still use win95?! Imean that procedure is so damn simple, they should be able to do this? Don't worry, it is my last try to convince you of the great advantages a vpn offers over ssh cya ralf
  9. der_halt

    Intellectual property... holding us back or driving ahead?

    1.Do you really believe great inventions are the result of intellectual property? 2.Do you really believe people wouldn't improve their products without IP? 1. IMO great ideas come. They can't be forced. This is not to be confused with gradual development. That can indeed be bought. And that leads us to 2. 2. I would state the contrary. IP slows the improvement. Why improve when noone is allowed to use "my ideas" or at least has to pay? Without IP the companies would be forced to be really innovative. They would be forced to always improve - and not rest on the achieved, in order to be market leader. IMO there need to be some sort of IP. But it has gone to far. IP for algorithms? For implementations of algorithms? For DNA (the most ridiculous thing ever IMHO)? and so on.. IP for 40, 50 years? That is not for progress. That is for stillstand. For what most firms would like. cya ralf
  10. der_halt

    How secure is a RDC/Terminal Server?

    The client side of the VPN is like 4 minutes (maximum). Just "Make new connection" -> "Connect to private network ..." -> IP of VPN server (for w2k). It can get more complicated though, if there is a firewall/router on the client side. Don't think you will set up ssh that fast cya ralf
  11. For video editing I would recommend to use at least 2 discs (one to load from and one to save to or have the temp file on etc.). This will speed things up more as a raid0 setup (2 raid 0 would be a different story again). The 8MB cache should not be that important for video editing. cya ralf
  12. der_halt

    How secure is a RDC/Terminal Server?

    VPN is the way to go then. As the w2k server will be exposed to the internet anyway, also use it as a VPN Server. It can use the active directory user database. The clients need only their login/pw (be sure to allow remote login for the user accounts), the IP they use is not of importance in the(ir) pptp protocol. NAT could make problems. If you are lucky, it is sufficient to change the ports for rdp on the client side (think it is possible) and just map them to the standard ports. (for example: a client that tries to connect on TCP 4000 is forwarded to IP: port 3389, 4001 to IP: port 3389 etc.) With some protocols (sorry don't know what's the case with rdp ) you need special masquerading modules (don't know whether there exist any for rdp or w2k server) that make NAT possible for that protocol, because it is not always possible to simply change the IP Header information in the packet. Especially with protocols that have security in mind, there may be IP information that is encrypted etc. That's why VPNs are almost always terminated at the firewall. To set up a VPN with MS w2k server is really easy. It is the routing&ra service. But be sure to use secure passwords for the users that are allowed to connect (disable for all other users!). And really force them to change passwords (group policies). When you are at it disable local login on the w2k server, that is the router, for all accounts except administrator. And so on.. cya ralf
  13. der_halt

    How secure is a RDC/Terminal Server?

    I wouldn't have the port open on the internet. AFAIK there were vulnerabilities to Windows Terminal Services. Woth multiple connections at the same times you will most probably also run into NAT problems. SSH was already mentioned. If they want only access to their desktop it may be a good solution. For access to the whole network VPN is the way to go. Should not be that difficult. The VPN Server (the firewall in most cases) must support road warriors. (FreeS/WAN) cya ralf
  14. An alternative to DVD2One would be Pinnacle InstantCopy 7.0. But it has some bugs (doesn't use the full capacity of the DVD sometimes..) still. Though quality is said to be superior to DVD2One. It also keeps menus&extras. Just visit for tons of discussions on the subject.
  15. For 10-20 users leeching relatively large files, I would recommend make it JBOD. Try to put most popular files on separate disks. IMO RAID5 won't do with IDE 15 persons loading 15 different files. Access time will limit your throughput. Don't believe you will ever in the least saturate a 1GBit NIC. More RAM can never hurt for file servers. But as you are serving quite large files also not that important. cya ralf