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  1. I had a similar problem with an older Western Digital drive. Eventually the drive bricked (i.e. "failed") and I lost all my data. I briefly tried OCZ drives, eventually they bricked. So, I swiched to samsung HDD and SSD drives and so far so good. I'm not sure if I got a lemon Western Digital, but I would also backup your data onto a different manufacturer hard drive to be safe.
  2. dejacky1

    slowing down fast? 840 evo 250gb

    +1 on the Samsung oem software tool that comes with their SSD drives. I recently tried it and it gives you options to optimize the SSD drive for speed or storage space, etc.
  3. dejacky1

    Samsung 2TB Drive Faulty Help ?

    Great advice in this thread from the other gurus. If you've updated to the latest firmware for that hard drive and the other possibilities listed above are eliminated, then it sounds like a physical problem with the drive. I used to have similar problems with old Western Digital hard drives in early 2000's similar to your description.
  4. dejacky1

    Samsung 840 Series 250gb

    I've been considering the 840, but my Samsung 830 has been solid. Do you guys think it's worth the $ to upgrade to the 840? (256GB versions)
  5. For sale is a perfectly working external Hard Drive and eSATA expresscard. Here are the specs: Brand: Fantom Drive (G-Force model) 2TB (two terabyte capacity) 7200rpm External eSATA and USB connections (Both cables are included) Price: $90 SIIG eSATA II ExpressCard RAID (2 esata ports) price: $20 100% Positive Feedback Optional Contact:
  6. What do you more experienced Storage reviewers think of these new Kingston 128GB SSDNow drives for $233? I've seen the benchmarks, but benchmarks don't tell a person's experience and how the drive's performance feels to them. Is it a huge increase in speed from traditional sata and if so, where do you notice the most performance benefit from an end-user perspective?
  7. Contact: For sale is a perfect condition Seagate ST9320421AS laptop hard drive that has over 2 years warranty left from Seagate. It's a Momentus model, with 320GB, and 7200rpm. It was big speed increase in my laptop and the extra space was great. Price: $52 shipped 100% Positive Merchant Feedback:
  8. dejacky1

    SIIG eSATA II ExpressCard Raid ?

    Thanks Frank. It's an ExpressCard dual port for a laptop. I forgot to switch the port on the back of the external hard drive enclosure to SATA mode. Now the Card detects the hard drive.. My only concern is how do I get windows to recognize the drive without having to reformat it? (i have a lot of important data on the drive) This one? There are a couple of them. I'm confused. Why would you connect an eSATA controller to an eSATA enclousre with a SATA-to-eSATA cable? What's wrong with using an eSATA cable? Have you installed the latest driver from their site? Have you tried booting with the device connected? Hope this helps, Frank Russo
  9. I can't get this SIIG eSATA II ExpressCard to work with any external eSATA hard drive enclosures. I use the SATA-to-eSATA cable, but none of the lights on the SIIG card light up. It's as if it is not sensing any connection from the external enclosure. Currently I'm using the CoolMax CD-311 multi-port SATA hard drisk enclosure with a 750GB SATA Seagate 7200rpm hard drive. Everything works fine via the USB 2.0 connection and the ExpressCard is detected in device manager fine, but never shows hard disk connection. Help please? :confused:
  10. it's the Version 1.0 Shuttle which was the best one they made because it allows memory voltage adjustments, overclocks past 200mhz FSB speeds well, and is rock stable.
  11. New job requires me to move a lot, so my complete Shuttle SN45G system with 19inch flat screen monitor needs to go. Here are the specs: Shuttle XPC SN45G Specs: Microsoft Windows XP PRO (CD included) Athlon XP (barton core) CPU @ 2.5Ghz 1GB Kingston HyperX PC3500 CAS 2 memory -->memory is expandable to 2GB and I can upgrade this for no labor cost Two 250GB 8mb cache Maxtor 7200rpm Hard Drives -->500GB total hard drive space Internal Mosfet heatsinks Internal 92mm Panaflo fan (quiet and flows more than stock) Linksys Wireless adapter -->internal mod Radeon X800XL VIVO graphics card (includes video in / video out cables) NEC 3500AG cdrw/DVD writer DUAL LAYER combo drive Mitsumi Advanced Keyboard Logitech MX300 Mouse MONITOR: Cornerstone p1460 19inch flat screen monitor -->uses a very precise hitacthi tube and has the absolute best crisp text and most stable image out of any other crt monitor I've ever seen! PRICE: $800 or BEST OFFER contact email: DEJACKY@GMAIL.COM Click Here to see my 100% positive Heatware Trader Feedback Fwiw, this computer blows away a fully loaded Dell Latitude D820 dual core laptop, especially in games. It's still a very fast system that outperforms a lot of current pc's and the best thing is it's ROCK SOLID stable. If you're looking for a semi-portable pc that is superb bang/buck for gaming, video editing, and photo editing, this is IT!
  12. Price lowered again! Sony 128MB MemoryStick with MagicGate: $18
  13. Prices lowered $50 shipped for the video card package Sony 128MB MemoryStick with MagicGate: $27 contact email: DEJACKY@GMAIL.COM
  14. Now that I don't need my AGP Leadtek Winfast A250 Vivo anymore (Geforce 4 Ti4200 128MB memory & includes VIVO cables + CD + Manual), I need to sell it. $60 shipped takes it. Sony 128MB MemoryStick with MagicGate: $30 contact email: DEJACKY@GMAIL.COM