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    Scsi to SATA adapter

    I'm asking cause as someone else mentioned, I'd rather keep the drive off the PCI bus. I currently have it on the PCI bus connected to a controller card, just wondering if I can run it off a SATA port.
  2. I want to run my SCSI drive from a SATA port instead of having it connected to a PCI SCSI card. Is this possible? There are adapters that allow the use of SATA drives in a SCSI environment. Can I just flip it around and go the other way? thanks for any help.
  3. hachigo

    Seagate 15k.3 random access time

    never mind, found the problem
  4. Hello, Why is the random access time from my Cheetah 15k.3 at 15ms as read from HDTach? When I test my Seagate SATA drive it's at about 13ms. SHouldn't the 15k.3 have a much lower access time? The drive is connected via the PCI bus by the way. Oh and I used to have a 10k.6 on the PCI bus and it was around 10ms I think. Something wrong with my 15k.3? Thanks for any help.
  5. Is there any program that I could use to flash a SCSI drive's firmware other than Seatools? It is a Seagate ST336607LC model drive but I think it has a SUN firmware on it. The adapter and also windows detects the drive but does not let me do anything to it. I got the proper firmware for the drive but Seatools won't let me flash it. Is there any other program that will allow me to flash the firmware? Thanks for any help.
  6. hachigo

    Socket 603 CPU in socket 604 m/b

    Yeah it seems it is possible as multiple sites have said so. I have the 512k cache 400fsb procs. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Hello, Would it be possible to put a pair of 2.0GHZ 400fsb XEON socket 603 CPUs into an Asus PC-DL motherboard (motherboard specs)? The site here says it is possible but can anyone confirm this? Thanks for any help.
  8. hachigo

    Setting up HP NetRaid-4M SCSI card

    Yep, tried in a different PCI slot in 2 different computers. In a 64-bit slot as well as a 32-bit slot and get the same thing. It detects the drive but doesn't let me initialize it. I guess I could try HP, couldn't hurt I guess. But any other ideas? Thanks
  9. hachigo

    Setting up HP NetRaid-4M SCSI card

    Oh and I just looked at the Fujitsu website and can't find any firmware upgrades. I can only find a bunch of diagnostic utilities. But as I said before, the drives work fine on the onboard SCSI controller, just not on the card.
  10. hachigo

    Setting up HP NetRaid-4M SCSI card

    Yes I have flashed the firmware on the card. The drives, no I haven't but how could I do it if the drives are not being initialized by the card anyway? As for talking to HP, this was just something I picked up off EBAY, not something I bought new or anything so am I still entitled to tech support?
  11. Hello, I'm trying to set up the HP NetRaid-4M U160 SCSI card but am having no luck. When I go into the card bios to initialize the drives, it does nothing. The drives (Fujitsu MAN3367) are detected, but when I press the "insert" key to initialize, it does nothing. Since I can't initialize, I can't create any partition on the drives and so Win XP doesn't recognize the drives (although it does install the driver for the card). I've tried the drives in a different computer and they DO work. I've tried Seagate drives with the card and they also don't work with the card. I've tried low-level formatting and then trying them but that doesn't work. So....anyone know anything else I should try? THanks.
  12. hachigo

    Tyan S2603 bios on HP X4000

    Alright, I'll make sure I don't do THAT, but does anyone know if it's possible to do a flash normally?
  13. Hello, I have an HP x4000 server box with a Tyan S2603 motherboard, 2x2.0GHz P4 w/HT processors and 768mb of RDRAM. My question is whether it is possible to put the Tyan bios instead of the current HP bios. I tried flashing it with what was given on the Tyan website but when it gets to the "Erase block" screen it just stops and says "erase block failed". There is a setting that has to do with bios locking and it is set to unlocked. I don't know if there are any other settings but I checked through the whole current bios and haven't found anything else in regards to flashing the bios. THere is another thing that says "bios boot block" or something to that effect. Does it have anything to do with that? ANyway, does anyone else have any experience with this? THanks for any help.