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  1. Where is SRs review? You would think they would be first since it is a storage only site.
  2. franlofter

    how to find 80GB/platter WD's

    Order 20 of them from different venders you might get lucky and get 1, I have gone through 5 120s trying to get the 60 platter no luck.
  3. franlofter

    Where to get the new 80GB platter WDs??

    I have gone through 5 drives total trying to get the 60GB platter and have not got 1, Dates on all 5 drives range from Oct thru Dec of 2002, the switch to 60 Gb platter was Sept correct?? So I guess I need to wait untill 2004 to be sure I see a 80GB platter.
  4. franlofter

    Where to get the new 80GB platter WDs??

    What does that mean?? You order a 80GB WD hoping you get the 80GB platter one?? BS Marketing trick to get more sales, I want to know I am getting a 80 GB platter drive not hope I get one.
  5. Where are these drives?? I think this is a big marketing trick, I would like to get one of these and they should be out from what WDs says.??
  6. Look at the pic of the 200GB they have here in the review, If your WD1200 looks like the same face plate used on the 200 then you have a 60GB platter, I have gone through 5 of these drives and all were the 40GB platters, Dates ranging from oct to dec of 2002,
  7. franlofter

    WD 120JB having clicking sounds

    send it back untill you get one that dosent click
  8. franlofter

    WD 120JB having clicking sounds

    I had one that made that clicking sound right after I fried it with a lose postive fan wire :roll: no joke
  9. franlofter

    IDE Raid vs 1 Scsi drive

    Go with 1 SCSI drive it will Rock compared to IDE Raid, I have 15K.3 and it is much more responsive then my raid was.
  10. franlofter

    IDE Raid vs 1 Scsi drive

    Nobody reads the first post do they? Why are people talking about SCSI raid, he said IDE raid or 1 SCSI DRIVE.
  11. I dont understand why some people have bad luck with certain hardware, 3 times you had problems with maxtor drive . sounds like maxtors drives have bad luck with you. I never had a problem with Maxtor drives
  12. franlofter

    What is Difference between DM9 and Ultra??

    thanks for info, so I will get a decent drive then in the retail package just as fast as DM+9 thats prob what it is.
  13. franlofter

    WD to announce 10K SATA drive Feb 11th

    I bet these drive are going to cost a arm and leg prob more than SCSI.
  14. I am tring to figure out the difference betwwen these 2 drives Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 and the Maxtor 120GB Ultra Series ATA/133 8MB 7200 RPM Hard Drive Kit Does anyone know??
  15. franlofter

    I expected more :(

    I was considering going ATA raid but went SCSI with one 15K.3 I get 49000 in sandra and max in the 75 mb range in Atto, and it was cheaper than 2 of those monster drives.