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  1. Purely out of curiosity... The company I work for has a number of HP StoreEasy 1640 NAS boxes which all work together and appear as one NAS server. How do they do this? I was told they could expand the NAS to 1.5PB. How would they cluster so many potential servers in to one NAS? Thanks Phil
  2. Hi all I'm getting the following error in the LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager error log: No idea what it means, hopefully someone can advise on what's best to do. Many thanks
  3. Hi I was given an LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i by a friend. I've got an array up and running, but I'm not sure if I've chosen the optimal/correct virtual drive properties. The controller does not have a BBU - these are the settings I've chosen: Are these settings OK or is there something else you can suggest to get the best out of the array? Thanks Phil
  4. Hi I have an Intel PT Quad NIC, but with a low profile bracket. Does anyone have a full-height PCI backplate/bracket going spare that I could buy? Many thanks Phil P.S. I'm in the UK but will cover the cost if international postage, if applicable.

    LSI 9260-8i Virtual Drive Properties

    Would you recommend a stripe size of 256KB, 512KB or 1MB? Thanks for your help.

    LSI 9260-8i Virtual Drive Properties

    Is there any way to change the stripe size with the array as it is? Thanks

    LSI 9260-8i Virtual Drive Properties

    Hi Kevin Thanks for the reply. No idea on the speeds - I haven't carried out any tests. The stripe size is 64KB.
  8. Hi I am running an LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i card in a home media server. I've attached a screenshot of the settings for a RAID 5 array - I was hoping someone may be able to tell me if they're right or if anything needs changing. The card does not have a BBU. Many thanks Phil
  9. Hi, does anyone have two or three 36GB Raptors, ideally still in warranty? I am only looking to buy from people within the UK. Many thanks
  10. RLBUHT

    Virtual machine host spec

    Thanks for replying - your help is appreciated. @ Continuum Ideally, I would like to log on to a VM and be able to use it without any lag or delay. I have used VMs in the past, and even clicking the start icon takes forever. If at all possible, I would like the VM to respond in the same time a physical system would. Also, some of the VMs will act as servers, such as SQL Server 2005 (possibly 2008). Most of the VM operating systems will be server OS' such as Windows Server 2003/08. @ Mitch808 I have done some research and gathered RAM is very important, therefore, I will be buying 8GB of DDR2. However, the motherboard I have for this system (an Intel DG33TL) can take one CPU only. But it is capable of running Intel Core 2 Quads. I was thinking of dedicating each VM its own HDD, such as a WD Raptor (would this make a difference?), and itstall the VM OS on this, as well as any other programs. I would also give each VM a further HDD for data files etc. Oh, and I plan to give each server OS its own NIC. What do you guys think? Am I missing anything? Thanks
  11. Hi Guys I am looking to put a virtual machine host system together, and thought I would stop by and ask for some advice. I want to build the physical machine, and run about 4 virtual machines off it. The machine will run a mixture of Server 2003/08, Vista and XP Pro OSs - and SQL Server 2005 will most likely be installed on one of those. Now I know that the more RAM the better (I was looking at buying 8GB of DDR2) and dedicated hard drives for each virtual machine, but is there anything else you can recommend that would increase the performance of each virtual machine? I already have a motherboard - its an Intel DG33TL. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, A strange title I know, but I promise, it does have a point. As some of you may know, Spiralfrog are trialing their free music download service (but only in Canada) - does anyone have any info or feedback? Many thanks Phil
  13. RLBUHT

    Desperate for help

    The specs are as follows: AMD 939 3800+ DFI LanParty UT RDX200 2GB DDR400 RAM WD 36 Raptor HDD HIS 256MB (128 onboard RAM) graphics card The problem is that when I shut down, it restarts. I have tried another graphics card and different RAM from another system that I know works perfectly, but it still restarts. Any help appreciated.
  14. I am desperate for some help - i have just built a new machine built on Win XP Pro - when I shutdown the system it automatically restarts. I have tried changing the advanced power management, but cant find it in the control panel. I have also swapped the RAM from another system, and it still resets, ive also swapped the graphics card and same problem. Any help will really be appreciated. Thanks
  15. RLBUHT

    MS TechNet Plus

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone subscribed (or knew anyone that subscribed) to Microsoft's TechNet Plus? If so, what do you think of it or what have you been told and what software is available? I have looked at the MS website but can't make my mind up. Thanks Phil