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    The Death Of Raid

    Take your own advice and re-read the first page of this thread...
  2. Sharps97

    The Death Of Raid

    It's funny how many comments have zipped right by the first page of this thread where a post seems to lay waste to the theory that RAID 0 offers no improvement in performance. It seems like for enthusiast computer users, the average gain is about 46% vs. non-RAID performance. Booting Windows is a big gain. Defragging is a big gain. Loading game levels is a huge win, especially since the average game going forward will be more than 3 to 5 GB, with single texture packages a few dozen to a few hundred megabytes each. In addition to the stripping, which by simple logic dictates faster performance on average, you are also talking about 16 MB of cache vs. 8 MB. Depending on the app, that is also a big win. (has some interesting results).