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  1. This is going to be awesome. I wonder if it will work on older systems.
  2. What are you using to bench it? I've only benched mine with the Samsung Magician Performance test, with my 840 EVO 120gb. What is your Windows Power Config set to? Try High Performance. That may be the issue. I just ran mine on Power Save and my numbers dropped noticeably.
  3. data

    Internal HDD On/Off switch

    url= is the item I use. I am pushing one of the ports by having 4 drives hooked up to a daisy-chain 4 port SATA cable so when I press the one button all 4 drives spin up. The individual port supports the minimum on spin-up (electricity) but it hasn't shown any problems yet!
  4. What's the difference? Is one worse than the other? Are there compatibility problems?
  5. I've had the WD 300HLFS - 01GU0 for a while now (knock on wood) and still running good. How do i check my firmware and should I update it if it needs it?
  6. Thank you for the reply So, use the Raptor for the page file. Right now I have a few shows (@ 10-20g) worth that I eventually want to transfer over to the machine for editing and keeping. I'm confused with the flow of things. I download the files from the SDHC card to the storage drive which you tell me 1tb is too large; are you sure? I'll then use the Raptor to host the files I'll edit e.g. local (D:) drive. Say like take band from local (E:) to local (D:), Edit, then save the project back to the large drive, is that correct? I know I know, this isn't a video editing forum
  7. I recently picked up an AVCHD cam and Premiere Pro and need to add a few drives. My main drive is an Ultra 320 SCSI 300g Fujitsu open-box MBA. It is recommended to put the page-file/scrub/rendering on the second drive and use the 3rd for file storage. I customized my case to house a h20 setup during the pc's 'game only' era. Now it will serve as both a gaming machine and a HD video editing machine. My other problem is 1 drive will now fit into the case. I have made some other modifications to house a second drive, the third will be tricky. I'd like a 1tb drive for my storage. I was thinking the WD FALS or either the RE3 for the storage. I will utilize my old 150 raptor as the scrub drive to save a few extra bucks. Which 1Tb drive will be the fastest or best choice? If anyone has any experience in this area please help out, thanks data
  8. The only performance differences between the Fujitsu and the vRaptor is the vRaptor has a higher burst rate and higher min transfer rate according to HD tune 2.55 other than that, the performance looks similar from what reports i've read. Granted I did a test with the OS installed otherwise i am thinking the max transfer rate would be around 130's. But, I am also geared to try out the 300 Velocirapotor as I have one on order. I think then I'll reformat the SCSI and format the Vraptor and see what kind of reports I get from HD tune. And from by what you say, if my Fujitsu lasts, I'll let you know - which hopefully won't be before 5yrs from now - lol
  9. New Egg has them for 236 open box!
  10. You already have a 320MB/s capable SCSI card, the drives have comparable size and sequential throughput. ==> The lower access time of the MBA will definitely offers you a major gain in performance vs the vRaptors (or any 10krpm drive) There are many tools allowing to benchmark a storage config. Assuming you are running on a NTFS volume, you should focus on configuring the test tools to issue only IO of the NTFS volume size (the 4K NTFS cluster size default is enough if most of your files are small and you may try a larger cluster size as it may slightly improve the results). You can although create 2 partitions at installation time: Fast one : 150GB at the beginning of the drive for OS and games Second : 150GB to store your video and files that are not related to gaming ==> That way, your sequential throughput will be high and consistent for all your gaming dependent files Thanks! I received my MBA yesterday and had to wait till it thawed out. Going to format it before I do my Vista 64u install on it for my game rig. I'm guessing i'll only use up to 70g. I did last time on my old 150 Raptor.
  11. Ok, cause I'm hearing that the max MBA's read times are ~ 135MB/S and decay to about 90MB/S What sort of app would I use to test for these type of findings??? EDIT: u320 Adaptec card & u320 drive
  12. What 68pin SCSI is faster than the vRaptor?
  13. I am deciding between a Fujitsu 300g u320 SCSI and the WD VelociRaptor. I already own two Adaptec u320 cards and cables so those are not included in the new drive budget. I can pay off what I buy so I'm not too worried about the price but I wouldn't go for an SSD drive just yet. So what would you recommend? I really love the access times of SCSI's I still am using my old Maxtor Atlas over my 2 Raptor 150s in Raid0. data p.s. if there is another drive that is faster than the Fujitsu, lmk, thanks!
  14. data

    Raid 1

    Can a RAID 1 setup be split; to just use one of the drives instead of two?