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    The Death Of Raid

    I think this is why some people people make distinctions between desktop, workstation and servers. AV, CAD and such may very well benefit from RAID 0, but aren't necessarily in this discussion because those are often considered workstation-type tasks. Games and office apps are generally considered desktop uses. One person I know that sets up video editing systems puts the OS & software on its own drive, and stripes two drives together for data. I think he does striping for capacity, and not speed.
  2. JeffDM

    The Death Of Raid

    Funny you should mention that, bandwidth isn't scarce now, if you know what you are doing. It just seems that people willing to spend money on extra drives and a RAID card wouldn't spend extra money for a current board with PCI66/64 or PCI-X, which is mostly 64 bit PCI with 100 and 133MHz frequencies. PCIe does change the topology to a completely segmented one, but the bandwidth is there, and several current boards have multiple PCI segments.