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    The Death Of Raid

    I do lots of high end image, audio and video editing. I do quite a bit of CAD work. I play games, and do lots of other "crap". I have two 74 gig Raptors.... I want to set up Raid 0 with them. No, wait!!! Don't bite my head off yet. The reason is not to benifit from any performance possibilities... I know it probably ain't gonna happen. What I will get is a 150 gig (approx) 10,000 RPM SATA WD Raptor hard drive. I also know there is no fault protection with this setup. Additionally, I have a 7200 RPM 150 gig SATA drive and a Kingwin SATA Mobile Drive Rack... see where I'm going with this yet? I want the performance of the Raptor with the volume of the 150 gig drive. I religiously do my full system virus scans (yes, real time scanning is always on for front-line protection), and system defrags every Sunday evenings. It's not a big deal to engage the internet lock after the system is done doing it's thing, slide the carrage with the 150 gig drive into the rack and do my system backup while I get ready for bed. In the morning, pull the 150 gig drive out of the rack and put it on the shelf / in the safe, disengage the internet lock and get on with my life. Does this scenario seem viable and like a realistic use of a Raid 0 configuration?