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  1. Hanold is very correct. Raid 1 (mirroring) is only dulication write not read. Also you are using a 3ware Switch that supports raid. 3ware, Escalade 7500-8, Eight Parallel ATA/133 Ports (1 drive/channel), 64-bit/33MHz Full PCI Card, Memory is embedded and 3ware has not responded to my requests for how much memory. I am guessing about 16k total based on a first generation card I have from 3ware. The point I am trying to make is the DPT crew that started this company when they were aquired by Adaptec was not aiming for High end raid. I hope they release a High end card but the switch technology that they are using supports no inteligent thinking on the part of the card. No NTFS tables stored in memory, no buffering out-side the drive, no through-put caching, etc... If you want to reduce mirroring load get somehing with an i960 chip and 128mb of ecc memory
  2. Three things you have to watch for in video capture hardware; #1: Is this device sharing an IRQ on the PCI bus. The PCI bus only supports 133mb/second shared by every device linked to it. Sharing an IRQ can reduce this by 33% for that chip alone. #2: Is this USB2.0 device sharing the or stand alone. Sharing is a bad word in video capture. #3: I do not know what overhead is requied in USB2.0. Most network cards use 10% or more and wireless uses 40% or more just to make sure each packet has arrived safley. You can see how this could cause dropped frames in a run-time capture.
  3. Guard65

    That old clicking feeling!

    Have you ran the seagate diagnostics tools on the drives? The sound is caused by the rocker arm returning to home possition and the photo-optic not seeing it return. This can be caused by everything from low voltage, voltage spikes, optic going bad, dust inside the drive, etc... The tool above can record these errors for you. however I do not know if it will work on a raid 0 or 5 drive with out drestroying the data structure. I know Mylex is a great raid card though.
  4. Guard65

    New Build, need help with RAID

    I do a lot of DVD ripping with Nandub I am using 2 IBM 45gb, 2 WD 120jb on an Adaptec 2400a. The drive speed does nothing for you in ripping or writing DVD's only if you are doing run time video capture. The motherboard chip set i suggest is Intel® 845GE, 845PE and 845GV Chipsets for home users (due to the Hyper-Threading Technology advantages). Go with one memory dimm unless your board supports interleving and never mix memory unless they are from the same PCB and Dram chips. I hope this helps some.
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    Designing a [b]Entertainment [/b]PC

    About the choices of DVR's on the market? None the less, I may be using the Pioneer DVR-A05 (DVD-R/ RW) or the TEAC DV-W50E (DVD-R/ RW) for a DVR. I have direct ship from Pioneer and am in a holding pattern for pricing right now.
  6. Building an Entertainment PC and looking for DVD, CDRW, DVD/CDRW, DVR, and DVR/CDRW Drives. I need suggestions on generic brands and name brands drives alike. I will be using MS XP Media Center Edition O.S. The DVR/CDRW I have been looking for OEM around $250.00 or less. DVR-CDRW vs. DVR+CDRW, differance? :oops:
  7. Guard65

    WD1200JB vs. Seagate 120GB 8MB Cache

    Get the WD... I have traditionally use Seagate for SCSI drives only and Western Digital for ATA. However the new Seagate ATA drive is the SATA Drive with a differant translation pcb. I have had three SATA Drives on order through Techdata for an ISD in Texas. They are heavly back ordered. All Serial ATA Drives are few and far betreen...
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    Designing a [b]Entertainment [/b]PC

    You are correct. The version that I am going to be producing is going to be sold out of CompUSA through-out Texas. This is going to be a customizable model. I want the base model to be as inexpensive possible but expandable and non-proprietary.
  9. Guard65

    Designing a [b]Entertainment [/b]PC

    :evil: althought this is totally uncalled for, I am a company and a member of the BSA. At the end of this month BSA goes totally on-line. If you are not up to code you may be fined upto $150,000.00 per lic. violation.
  10. Currently I have been looking at building a new ripping box for my growing movie collection. I am looking ether a P4 2.26GHz/Asus P4B533-v/Mushkin512mbDDR-PC2700 or an AMD 2.2GHz/Asus A7V333/Mushkin512mbDDR-PC2700. The answer is still up in the air. However am going to be using three of the WD80GB7.2Krpm Drives on the Adaptec2400Raid Card. I am still not sure If I need the raid at this point seeing how my ripping is totally CPU to Memory War! If anyone has any suggestion I would like some input!!! Thanks, Guard65 8O
  11. Guard65

    New Box & New Drives

    Yeh you are correct. Just a type error. however if you have any suggestions. Or if someone else that does DVD Ripping to AVI or VCD please give me some tips on hardware. :roll: