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    Tcq, Raid, Scsi, And Sata

    SR team, I first want to say thank you for your in-depth single user vs. multi-user RAID analysis. It is very clear why RAID0 has little benefit for the single user. I was wondering if you have done any analysis on the actual performance gains of multiple non-raid disk configurations in desktops? For instance, placing the swap or pagefile on a separate physical drive from the system and/or putting the data being frequently accessed on yet another drive. Multi-user servers (especially database servers) gain a lot from reading/writing simultaneously to separate spindles / disk arrays. So my question is: does the same hold true for the single user scenario under heavy load? Under low memory conditions? Working with lots of monstrously large files that can’t fit into RAM? This would seem to be a better approach to leveraging multiple hard drives in the same desktop. Would you agree?