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  1. Got similer results as others poor raid 0,1 with SBIV+HP370. single drive performs Quite well. IBM gxp75 worked very well in RAID 0 T'ill drive failure. Tryed Drivers,BIOS OLD and New to no avail. My best Guess is the SBIV firmware would need to fix some sort of timing issue the drives have when used in RAID setups. I cannot see how Seagate could have not known this would be a issue as its so easy to reproduce.
  2. pherret

    Is my 75GXP sick?

    As others have said, PS can do it 2, but if your desktop is stable thats not the first place I look , try reseating your PCI cards dont forget the AGP card also, can cause HELL if not seated or defective Overclocking can be the cause, or not setting the CPU voltage correctly, if you can, bump UP the CPU voltage up 1 Increment. Outside of that, replace Drive Drivers ,reinstall OS ETC....