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  1. that is where i seen it
  2. Xtasy310

    Stupid Question

    I found a background and when I switch to it the default green color is still behind the letters on the icons. How do I get that off where there is no colors behind the letters?
  3. There is a way to have it to shut down faster. It has something to do with the registry I think.
  4. Xtasy310


    Philips 4x4x24 for $40 US 2 years old this November 26 bought it after Thanksgiving. SouthsideRebel11@cox-internet.com
  5. Xtasy310

    Another Dead IBM Deskstar IC35L060

    Best Buy is selling WD 100GB HD for $100 a piece. I think they are the BB series.
  6. Xtasy310

    The words Under God

    First they raise the gas prices sky high, take money from the education department, and now they expect the market to crash. What is this world coming to? A whole bunch of lazy bums that work as trackhole drivers working for peanuts.
  7. Ok I just went and bought a CD-R/RW (Buslink 40x12x48x), and my DVD-ROM looks like it is set up with my sound. But I just put my CD-R/RW in and a new Gamesurround Muse XL in and was wondering where I hook one of my ROMs if not both up to the sound card. I would look at the manual but the sound card did not come with one. So is it possible to hook to ROMs up to one sound card and if so where do I hook them up at on the sound card?
  8. Xtasy310

    Trouble setting up FreeBSD DSL gateway

    Not knowing if this will help or whatever. But how about altering the ARP file.
  9. Xtasy310

    The words Under God

    We have all heard of the man who thinks those words should not be part of the pledge, but how about IN GOD WE TRUST on the back of dollar bills?
  10. Xtasy310

    Man Guilty of Sex With Horse

    This sounds like a good topic for Jerry Springer. (Weird Sexually Behaviors). BTW, I seen on where this guy was in love with a cow. It was a special show that was about all the weird shows they had. Steve hosted it.
  11. Xtasy310

    VCD dividing

    I have tried moving it to a different folder but no luck. It has the same name as before.
  12. Everytime I boot Win98se or WinXP Pro my screen flashes blue about 4 times. It started doing this after I installed a PNY Verto GeForce 2 MX200. I had a Vodoo 4 4500 32MB PCI card. Never did it with the Vodoo. How do I fix this problem? Does it matter in performance?
  13. Xtasy310

    Missing HD Space

    I have a 14.2GB Quantaum Fireball HD. In MS-DOS (fdisk) it shows I have 14.2GB. Now in Windows 98 and XP it only shows me having 13.9GB. Where did my .3GB go?
  14. I put a CD-R/RW in today in soon as i turned my pc on it recongized it. Always shut your computer off when doing stuff inside the case.
  15. Xtasy310

    Upgrade Help

    I can get a 100GB WD 7200RPM the BB version for $100 US