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    Silencing my raptor 74gbADFD

    There's no need for an enclosure. My setup both removes the vibrational effects, any idle whine and the crunchy seek noises. In the P180 the setup can either be put in the lower chamber if total HDs in case are 3 or less or in the upper drive cage if setup involves 4-5 HDs.
  2. Bar81

    Silencing my raptor 74gbADFD

    I would advise decoupling it completely from the case. I have my WD740GD on a piece of Acoustipak foam and you can't hear it any more. Previously even with rubber grommets the vibrations were driving me nuts.
  3. Bar81

    Another drive failed today

    EXACTLY. If you value your data and don't have a backup setup then you're asking to get screwed. The easiest method is probably RAID 1 although it's only a good first step if you truly want to be safe.
  4. Bar81

    Seagate 7200.9 ETA?

    Will be interested to see if they got rid of those annoying offline seeks. I'm really interested in getting the 300GB model for my new rig as I wasn't all that thrilled with the prospect of a Maxtor as my primary drive and up until now only they had offered the 16MB cache with NCQ.
  5. Bar81

    Best PCI RAID card for RAID 1+0

    okay, fakeraid meaning software RAID? Does that give any tangible performance improvement in a RAID 1+0 array? I know in RAID5 it matters but imo RAID5 is a bad option. On another note, it seems that despite what storagereview says Promise claims the S150 TX4 only supports 0+1 RAID and not 1+0 ???
  6. Bar81

    Best PCI RAID card for RAID 1+0

    As to the Tekram, the SIL3114 chip it's based on gives me a lot of confusing results for whether it supports RAID 1+0 or 0+1.
  7. Bar81

    Best PCI RAID card for RAID 1+0

    is a 3ware 8506-4 or 95x0-4 out of the budget? 216069[/snapback] It's not that, it's just that I haven't seen anything to indicate improved 1+0 performance over the significantly cheaper Promise model. What's the advantage of going with the 3Ware models for RAID 1+0?
  8. Limited to PCI interface (shouldn't matter anyway with the setup I'm doing) and want to set up a 4x160GB SATA HD RAID 1+0 array (2 sets of mirrored drives striped together) for maximum fault tolerance and improved performance. So a nice 320GB HD is what I'm looking at in the end. I have my sights set on the Promise FastTrak S150 TX4 Any other models I should be looking at?
  9. Bar81

    final decision about 2*1gb PC3200 OCZ

    Kind of pointless to pay more for the titanium unless you need the special warranty service cross-ship. Supposedly the titaniums are tested/manufactured for extra stability or some such garbage but if you're that worried about RAM errors then you should be using ECC memory anyway.
  10. Bar81

    Symantec LiveUpdate doesn't work anymore

    You need to stop using crap products. If you're going to use Norton get either Corp 9 or 10 or alternatively the all in one Symantic Client Security with Antivirus based upon Corp 10.
  11. You obviously want the 64 bit version of Corp NAV 10 Get, bittorrent. Purchase, probably not possible for a single user.
  12. Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the AV?
  13. I don't use tamper protection but enabling it shows no difference in system resource usage. It sounds like you have something wrong with your setup. Possibly a conflict between Corp AV 10 and some other program.
  14. The retail products are HUGE system hogs and they install crap that you just don't need. I wouldn't touch the yearly retail Norton programs with a 10 foot pole. Corp AV on the other hand is what I use in all systems and couldn't be more pleased with its low resource usage, efficiency, and performance.
  15. Start imagining. Symantec AV Corp is a fantastic product, VASTLY unlike the garbage yearly retail update versions.