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    Sil 680 Bios Problem

    Hello Everyone I decided to throw my two cents in. I have had the same problems as mentioned above with the SIL680 card. I use am a consultant and have used the card in many applications including my own. 800 gig Stripe. Although these cards may be cheap, they are very useful but require more tuning than most raid controllers. With regards to the issue with the F3 Command not working to access the RAID bios, i had the same problem exactly on one system that i was using. It turned out that the motherboard bios was also triggered by F3 during its post sequence to select boot devices. To create a mirror i put the card and 2 drives in another system that allowed me to enter the RAID bios, set it to mirror, replaced it in the system with issues and Viola! I had a mirrored set! Thought this may help some people out.