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    After looking at the AnandTech article, I'm really hoping that there was something wrong with Storage Review's sample, especially after noting the high access times that were recorded. The AnandTech sample appears extremely competitive with the Raptor II, even with NCQ disabled. Storage Review's sample puts up some good numbers, but its certainly not tracking with the Raptor the way Anand's drive did. Granted, I don't think that AnandTech's benches are equivalent. Perhaps some one else could speculate on this. AnandTech did not measure access time, though, so I'm hanging on to the idea that if Eugene's sample had come close to spec in this area, we would have seen some more impressive numbers. In the mean time, I'm just hoping that there was a problem this drive, that the production model is Raptor fast, and gives you four times the Raptor's capacity for the same price. Fingers crossed.