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    Windows 2000 Pro to Windows 2003 Server

    try installing netbios/netbeui protocol and then disable "netbios over tcpip" you avoid the protocol overhead (putting netbeui on top of ip) , but you will also have netbeui packets on your network this might be faster, but netbeui is not ip routable - don't expect netbeui packets to cross the router!
  2. tmo71

    Hard Drives V2.0

    NCQ and the low memory crunch (Virtual Mem test). When an application requests more memory than available physically, You have: (1) Windows trying to page-out dlls, (2) Windows filling the Virtual Memory "file" with whatever the app wants, and (3) The app reading and writing to disk (What alse would the app need the memory for but reading/processing/writing a big data set?) (4) Other apps taking turns to be swapped in/out Any application might become a HD multitasking nightmare. So what?, so everybody has a lot of memory, right? So I thought until I started wroking with letter sized, 24-bit scans. Or when I opened Outlook express and I got 4 newsgroups with 14,000 posts each, or when I had Excel and Word docs open with dynamic links between them; (In these examples, it is not the application itself, but data set size the app works with. Also, most people have many programs running in the background (Kazaa, Gator, Antivirus, Firewall). Even 512MB on WinXP might not be enough. I was just wondering if NCQ could boost performace when a computer becomes unresponsive when available physical memory becomes low. I think this fact might explain some of the results obtained so far (Not the data being written in/out but all the VM/paging activity when multiple apps are running). Cheers Eugene, this is a great site.
  3. Intel 925 + Maxline III w/ Hardware NCQ beat Raptors! Great drives those Raptors, but Maxtor's new 16MB HARDWARE NCQ and Intel's ICH6 w/ Hardware NCQ have at least 15% better performance on some tests. NCQ is not the same as TCQ. FPDMA makes a huge difference! Raptors have a 3 month window until the MaxLines become available. After that, they will suck big time (for the price). Why TCQ is slower than non-TCQ? ... easy: TCQ is slow software!. TCQ reminds me of 3DNow! and Glide... Things that were pure marketing and then were abandoned. Waiting for farware TCQ implementations? forget it!. I guess TCQ developement is nonexistent by now. Everybody is developing NCQ solutions. TCQ is not a long-term solution. Please test! My wish: NCQ drives from WDC (Am I wrong?)