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    NCQ: Best Upgrade For a Power User!

    Excellent information! Am I correct that the only SATA drives we know of that perform proper NCQ right now are the Seagate 7200.11 models? I guess that's what I'm buying then. Nick
  2. FINALLY! Thank you! Well, based on the testing by MaximumPC, the new Western Digital WD1001FALS is slower and more expensive than the Samsung HD103UJ terabyte drive. As a WDC fanboy, I have to say, that sucks.
  3. Yesterday I noticed that Newegg finally listed the WD1001FALS. ...Just 3.5 weeks after WDC announced that they would be available "next week." ...Still no word on when the WD7501AALS will be available. I am dieing to buy new disks, but I want to see true performance data for these new WDC drives before I make my decision on what to order. Has anyone seen performance reviewed any where?? Thanks, Nick