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    Which drive for a media desktop?

    I see on another forum someone said the RE drives run hot and are noisy, and to use them for servers instead. Hmm.
  2. Hello. Which drives would be recommended for a PC that will be used most for playing video and games. I have been thinking about getting the 74GB Raptor for game playing and an additional IDE drive for storage, such as the 300Gig WD JB drives, but noticed the WD4000KD/YR and WD2500KS drives *seemed* to be good performers with a good price. How much of a performance edge does the Raptor have to justify it over the over drives, like the KD/YR, that have a much higher capacity? I supposed I may have better performance with a Raptor and another drive when transferring between them large files, as opposed to a single large unit. And less of a problem if a drive fails. Thanks for reading.
  3. WolfPac_Ite

    Western Digital Raptor Wd740gd

    Hello, I am new here. Ever since Western Digital's Raptor WD740GD was announced, oh, about 10 months ago, enthusiasts and IT professionals everywhere have been patiently (or otherwise) waiting for concrete results that demonstrate the potential benefits of the the drive's tagged command queuing (TCQ). We've been embroiled in hundreds of hours of testing using several different TCQ-enabled controllers in conjunction with arrays of 1 to 4 WD740GD drives. Unfortunately, many hours of tests remain. However, we're eager to present some initial results. Stay tuned for the first of a three-part series that will examine what benefits TCQ confers in our relatively modest third-generation testbed in single-user and multi-user setups! What is this arcticle going to be about? The Raptor drives using the new TCQ enabled controller cards? Maybe that will boost it's server performance?