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  1. Udaman: "Ah yes, you are racial, but then so are other SR members that will not admit to it here or even understand it themselves; far worse if you ask me. " Well, i do not consider myself racial, BUT, i have a low tolerance level. So, anyone not behaving, gets my anti-sympathie. Also Belgians, except for HMTK. He sometimes really does not know what he is talking about. You are forgiven King. "Alzheimer" is a bad thing.
  2. I like it when you talk "dirty" to me King. Please continue. But i must add. I do not care for the "typical". I do not care for the "racist". I do not care for the "bitch", BUT I DO CARE ABOUT THE "FAT". For your information, my bodyfat is around 10%, so call me anything, but please skip the word "FAT".
  3. OK Blitzkrieg, that male Asians are "blocked" in a certain way because they are with too many, i can understand. Overhere in Belgium if we have too many doctors (example), then the tests to qualify are more difficult also. I must say for everybody not just Asians. On the other hand if the Asians are NOT from U.S. (not having a U.S. passport), then i feel this justified. For me natives come before non-natives. But hé that is me... Yeah, i know, i am racial, so they say....
  4. f_vo

    The EU top freaked out (on money)

    Post #28 210826[/snapback] hehe Prof, keep it up.
  5. f_vo

    Cute joke

    the 5 wonders of a woman: - getting wet without taking a shower - bleeding without cutting themselves - They give milk without eating grass - They "saw" without a saw - they "blow" without tabacco The STRING: Times have changed: In the old days we had to open a woman's pants to see their butt... Now we have to open their butt to see their pants...
  6. f_vo

    Suicide Bombers Go Rafting 1 Month Before

    Well, if it was my last month to live, i certainly would not go rafting.....
  7. ok, found UC statistics on the net. Please disregard my first line. Love you too.
  8. Blitz, don't know what UC statistics mean, BUT: "Hope you are not male Asian. That's the worst group to be in by far... Just look at some UC statistics, male Asian need the highest GPA and SAT/ACT scores to get in, higher than whites. Maybe we should have affirmative actions in sports too, give those Asians a chance " Does this mean black americans must get a better score then whites also?
  9. f_vo

    Europe soon under fire (Al qeada)

    You are forgetting one thing F.S.: West-Europe WAS the country of christians. I never expected muslims and christians to get along. Unfortunately we live in a democratic country. We will always offer the other cheek. Wait until democrats rule in the U.S. Then see what will happen to your country. You know the saying: "threat your dog as a human and he will threat you as a dog"....
  10. f_vo

    Europe soon under fire (Al qeada)

    We may not forget that until now, Al Qaida always made the hits in capital cities: New York Madrid London So next probably -Amsterdam -Paris -Berlin or Bonn (i think they would prefer Bonn since Berlin has only recently joined West-Europe.) My bed is on Amsterdam, then Paris....
  11. f_vo

    $41 Billion Cost Projected To Remove Illegal

    "Even if you did that, illegals would just come in on chartered aircraft and boats, or dig tunnels under the more remote regions of the fence / wall. I agree with FS. Just raise the penalties and publicly embarass violators." Yes SC, but if you would have a wall it would be less easy to come to the states. Also with boats it would be easier to control illegals, so the amount of them "coming to America" would be less. On the other hand is a wall is out of the question, then good luck. Do not forget that afterall those Mexicans are christian, which is a bonus.
  12. The problem is they are not the best candidates. First selection: you need to be a non-belgian origine if so, you will pass the tests EASIER Then if others are needed, the belgians will be the second selection. If you are from belgium, get back in line If you are not from belgium, get in front of the line. Indeed sad that race will go before skills.....
  13. f_vo

    $41 Billion Cost Projected To Remove Illegal

    "It's no secret that Democrats really don't want to do anything about illegal aliens. Indeed, they don't even see it as a problem. Senator Hillary actually wants to give illegal aliens the right to vote (no doubt because they would vote overwhelmingly Democratic)." Music to my ears. It is has if we are talking about Belgium here. OK, my point of view (whether it is the U.S. or Belgium): - keeping the illegal out of the country is a must - even if this means paying more for your food AND clothes - look at it like this: You let South-Americans in to do the jobs North-Americans refuse to do, BUT, this is only a temporary situation. The children of those immigrants will also refuse to do THAT job. So what do we get. North-Americans refusing to do certain kinds of jobs AND alot of South-Americans, maybe already having the U.S. nationality, not wanting to do those jobs anymore either. -Next step is : you will need more immigrants to do the jobs Americans and (in this case) Mexicans do not want to do. Those Mexicans will cost the U.S. a HUGE amount of money. Meanwhile you will be overloaded with Mexicans. States like California, Texas, Utah, Arizona will all be populated with Mexicans. Maybe in some 20 years from now, you guys could take over our Morrocons.....oh i forgot, they do not like to work either. Example: you know i know A**ot who came over from Azerbadjan, still looking for a decent job. When i ask him if he cannot find a job, he says: "Yes, but i did not come over to Belgium to do a job like THAT".
  14. f_vo

    Cute joke

    A brain cell enters a man’s brain. Ok, admitted something very rare, but it is possible. That brain cell notices it is all alone. "Yoehoe" shouts the brain cell, but nobody replies. "Yoehoehoeoeoeoe" it calls again, still no answer. The lonely cell crawls in a corner and starts crying. Suddenly another brain cell runs in and shouts at the crying one : Hey crazy one, what are you doing here? “We are all sitting belowâ€.
  15. "Sadly, many muslim immigrants can't or won't integrate" They will never integrate because: - their religion and their faith prevents this - they look down at women - they look down at anybody not following the islam - they never integrated, even not the first morrocons because of their religion, same for the younsters - they do not want to go to school, do not want to learn or work - nowadays young morrocons are even more "a pain in the ass" thanks to their "Imam" who pumps in that they should keep their own identity, preventing them to become more western, although they live in a western country. - the "holly war" is something else to consider. When the time comes we Flemish belgians will have a second 1302 (battle of the golden spurs), only this time we will be the loosers Was in the newspaper yesterday (i know not always accurate): More morrocon younsters (male and female) will be allowed to become a police officer. If you are a morrocon you get the first change, others have to wait. They will bent the tests for those not knowing flemish very well, otherwise they will fail the tests. If the tests would be the same for everybody, morrocons probably would fail and we cannot allow this. You might call this the "new integration tactic". Know less and get more......