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  1. Thank you guys for your inputs! The only reason I bought those 4 WD800JBs is that because of my HDs in my system are all IBMs and after I read lots of reports and commended,I'm now concern about the durability of these 60GXPs since my system is on 24/7 :roll: I only needs 2 chanels IDE Raid card so those 3Ware 7400 &7500 series are a little too much and too expensive. I set up my system as Raid 0+1 so I can get speed plus monitoring just incase my system going south on me. I know the WD800JB are a little more than I need, 160GB is HUGH!(320GB total) I don't think I gonna fill them up anytime soon. Now Anyone know how to get these WD800JB to speed up on RAID? Any tips on firmwares or softwares that I may need? :?: :roll: Regards, Lexu8
  2. Coug Tech, Thank you for your replied, What you're saying is that the WD800JB With 8MB Cache Buffer and cost more won't gian any performance over the cheaper models one? I thought I was going to improve my system by going with the WD800JB ? So then, are these 40GB 60GXPs going to holp up? They're very fast on RAID 0+1,Well much faster than 800JBs plus They're running 24/7 since December 2001 untill last week when I received those 4 WD800JBs from Neweeg.com! Should I return these 4 800JB and get IBMs or ? ($114.00 shipped VS $91.00 for 80GB 120GXP @newegg.com!) Or should I just put the Old 40GB 60GXPs back on and sell the 800JBs? Thanks Lexu8
  3. I forgot to Mention that my new set up are as the same as Old set up except for all new 4 WD800JBs instead of 4 40GB 60GXP. Lexu8