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  1. Yea,The WD800JB run cooler and faster than WD400JB and it's only $20.00 more you'll get double Disk Space. :wink:
  2. Anywhere from $40.00 to $50.00 Extra for the WD1200JBs over the WD1200ABs depend on where you buy from. But, If you compare the WD1200ABs to WD1200BBs that's only $20.00 to $30.00 Dif. Some dealer even less! My local dealer selling both version at the same price right now. That used to be $30.00 more for the BBs model just afew weeks ago. So,the best buy right now is the BBs version if you needs it for storage. About <> $1.00/GB. :wink:
  3. lexu8

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    Nnnggg! No Edit option! :idea: I should say, My other IBM, Dead 60GB 60GXP that I sended in for a replacement 2 weeks ago just arrived from IBM. Now I'll have to send this 40GB 60GXP to IBM Tomorrow :evil:
  4. lexu8

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    I sure do hope the new 180GXP will do better on quality. My last 2 60gxp 40GB RAID 0 that I was using my my Toy machine, Then used each of them as boot drive for my other machines! The sad thing is,Once again one of them just DEAD with no warning! Just got RMA number from IBM supports. :evil: My 60GB 60GXP RMA sended to IBM 2 Weeks ago just arrived this Morning! To my surprised, IBM sended me a new 120GXP (..VVA07-0) as a replacement. the first new replacement after 16 total DAED IBM RMAs. :twisted: Should I BUY ANOTHER IBM? the new 180GXP? As good score as it is, I really don't Know if I should. :evil: I'll have to wait and see for afew months or even a year if this new 180GXPs will live up to standard. I'd love to buy more IBMs But something else for now! I found that, No Problems with Neither Western Digital Nor Maxtor. "0" RMA for all 36 Western Digitals AB,BB and JBs. No problems with 2 Maxtor D740X 80GB or 4 120GB MD+9 (Yet!)! 8) I hope I'll not have to do anymore RMAs to any brands for along time after this DEAD 60GXP. Time + DATA Loss = $$$$$
  5. You're right, Mickey! I want 2 More for my office's machines but the dealer that I bought from is out of stock. The WD1200AB 5400RPM are about $20.00 to $40.00 less than the 7200RPM version so that may be the reason why they're hard to find. The local dealers Here In Seattle, Washington area selling the 5400RPM version the price as the 7200RPM. Anyone know where to buy the WD1200AB at a good price, Please post detail. :?: Regards, Alex.
  6. Yes,the WD1200AB's fast enough and infact it's faster than some 7200RPM Drives. Also it's very quiet and cool running. I'm using 2 of these for my Movies storage. :wink: Now,I Hope WDC will make 1600AB or 1800AB or 2000AB soon!
  7. lexu8

    WD1800JB + A7V333

    No,you don't need SP1! All 6 of my Machines at home run much better without the SP1. No problems detecting WD1800JBs or WD2000JBs just BIOS update or using Promise Ultra ATA100x2 that came with the retail package. 8) I'm running 2 WD1800JBs and 2 WD2000JBs using Promise Ultra ATA100x2. Boot from one of the 1800JBs. Though, I've got 167GB after formated from WD1800JBs and 186GB from the WD2000JBs each. 8O The funny things is that I felt the WD1800JBs are faster than the more expensive WD2000JBs! :twisted:
  8. lexu8

    WD1800JB + A7V333

    You need to use Ultra ATA-100 Controler (Promise Ultra100Tx2) that come with the package. Install FW for the ATA Card and you'll see abount 167 GB from your 180GB. I'm using 2 WD1800JB and 2 WD2000JB on the ATA Card right now On VIA chipset. (IWILL DVD 266u-RN W/Dual 1.4GHz P-III Tualatin) and it works perfectly! 8)
  9. << "My WD 1200 JB just slighty Died ">> What do you meant by "Slightly Died"? is it dead or it's dieing? I've got More than 10 WD1200JBs in my 2 Machines right now along with 9 WD1200BBs and I'd never have any problem with them what so ever except one of the very first JBs that got clicking noise but it went away after afew days. I'd get RMA and send for a replacement from WDC.
  10. Well, I'll take them out off your hand if you like 8) I'll buy them both from you right now if you can sell them to me at a fair price
  11. lexu8

    Which drive?? 800JB or DM9-ultra

    Go with WD800JB! Less Expensive and it come with 3 Years Warranty 8)
  12. Kavman, Thank you for the tip! I'll check it out tomorrow at my local CompUSA! But quation is, what one to get? WD2000JB or Maxline II? The price of the Maxline II 200GB 8MB's $100.00 lower after Rebate :twisted: I think I'll take my chance and I'll buy the Maxtor. :twisted: Hope I can get the Rebate Check :evil: ( I sended 6 Rebates out since summer and Never recieve one yet! :twisted: ) I hope Maxtor's will works as good as WD JBs series for moving lots of large files,Movies,Video & Pictures in media room (About 500GB to 600GB Of DATA in the next few weeks!) I'll try one and if it works good then I'll buy more of the same :roll: If not I'll go back to WD JBs Still, My quation is... Anyone using one of these drive right now? How is the Maxline II With 8MB's Performance on moving,Copying and trasfer large DATA? :?: Regards, Alex.
  13. Aside From "Fluid Bearing Motors" Drive, What kind of performance advance over the standard Ball Bearing? Heat,Noise,DATA Transfer,seek etc.? Anyone using Maxline II with 8MB Cache? What Kind Of Performance Advance compare to other Maxline or DM Plus 9? Regards, Alex.
  14. I'd get the WD400JB If you don't need much space. WD JBs series are much,much faster than DM Plus 9 :x . I've got 2 DM Plus 9 80GB right now and they're dog compare to my 6 OTHER WD1200JBs. Yes,I've got both brands you mentions and I will never going to buy another Maxtor.They run very HOT Very SLOOOW compare to WD or IBM. :!: I'm using these 2 DM Plus 9s only because of my customer wants IBM 180GXPs instead after I Opened these 2 drives. :evil: Beside,the WD400JB come with 3 years Warranty and Maxtor don't! :idea:
  15. lexu8

    which 80gb drive to get?

    Where can you buy WD800JB Retail version for $90.00 right now? I can't even get an OEMs for that price. :roll:
  16. Thanksgiving was Yesterday? :?: I did not realize that we've got Thanksgiving in October? But Then again what do I know I'm not Canadian. Here In The USA we've Thanksgiving in November. :wink:
  17. I Think Davin is 100% Right. What Does The Cuda V win to honor it the Award beside the low noise? I'd never buy ANY HDDs base on the noise. :roll:
  18. lexu8

    How to extend my 600gb raid?

    I'm using ABIT IT-7MAX with a little over 1TB on it right now (10 HDDs/LIAN-LI PC 70/Entec 550Watts) and still got room for more. 8) It's price is also good, $135.00 shipped @ newegg.com!
  19. lexu8

    WD JB drive now, or wait for Barracuda V?

    Agree! I'm using afew WD1200JBs myself. Using 4 WD1200JBs on my new IT7-Max/P-IV 2.53GHz and never have any problems with the heat or noise (Plus 2 D740X 80GB, 1 IBM 120GXP 40GB,2 WD1200BB. All these drive in one Machine! Though Using IBM as a boot drive :twisted: )
  20. Yes,the WD800JB or any JBs series are all Good,Cool running,Fast,quiet and good price. 8)
  21. lexu8

    WD JB drive now, or wait for Barracuda V?

    Just go with 2 x WD1200JB for alot less and you still gonna get 240GB not just 200GB. 8)
  22. Not True! It doen't make any difference. I've got 2 80GB Maxtor both on Master (IDE 4 & 5 On ABIT IT7-Max/ P-IV 2.53GHz) Maxtor ATA133 won't run any faster than IBMs or WD ATA100. :twisted: Infact I feel that,IBMs and Western Digital WD1200JB series are much faster than Maxtors on my system (Not because of SP-1 Upgrade) so if someone says Maxtors ATA133 are faster because of the ATA133,I would think that's Full of S..t :!:
  23. They're also will lose me as their customer here in the US! I guess it don't matter to Maxtor much since I'm just a small tiny one buyer. But, hey I'll tell all of my customers that I won't install any more Maxtor in their machines, Because of a pity 1 year Warranty :evil:
  24. I can't say it better 8)