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    WD press release: 250GB

    Now We're talking! I gonna need 4 of these Monster to replace my 8 WD1200JBs.(Will Keep WD1800JBs & WD2000JBs for now!) They're filled my Lian-Li PC-70 right now, 12 of them total! When these WD2500JB?? 250GB JBs Comming out, I want them! This just my personal machine in media room not counting a few others in the house. May be thing will get easier for me now, Less number of drive with larger capacity,Less Heat,Less noise for all of my workstations! 8) Hope SR Review of these new 80GB/Platter WDC Comming soon :?:
  2. By the way, Phil... I assume you're here from the US or Canada? Give WDC Customer service a call (800) 275-4932 I'm sure you can get some help from them.
  3. Phil, I called a friend and asked what or how he got the WD2000JB/Promise Adaptor to works on his Mac. He said, it's the driver that he got from the webs that works fine, his machine detecting the Adaptor You're correct, he's using the WD2000JB as storage not OS. Didn't ask if he could install OS But I guess he could if his machine detecting the drive! I'll get more info. to you when he's back from the trip this Friday. I know how you feel, Buying new Hardware for your machine and can't get it to works. Email me or send me your email address's and I'll forward to a friend(s) who know Mac. and get you the link.
  4. Yes, It should works on Mac as well. You might want to check with WDC for a new driver or firmware if need. But a friend who own Mac's installed WD2000JB Via ATA-100 Tx2 PCI Adaptor.
  5. You may want to take a look at Promise Ultra ATA100 Tx2 ( Normally the WD2000JBRTL come with this Controler Card!)
  6. HisMajestyTheKing, I don't know what you've been smoking but for me, IBMs not on the top of my list. I bought many IBM including 8 new 180GXPs 180GB and hope they'll last longer than those 75GXP, 60GXPs JUNK! Out of 20 60GB 60GXP, 12 Dead in less than a year. Either you paid to Pro IBM or you don't even know what you're talking about. But, I only Trust my very ownself. Now I've got to use 3 Brands name since I can't and won't trust ANY one brand name. I'm now buying mostly WDCs some Maxtor and some IBMs. IBM Being the last choice of the 3. I only RMAed 3 WD JBs & BBs out of 44 in 2 years, 4 Maxtors D740X Out of 20 in 2 years just because of the noise not DEAD like IBM. Guess what I recieved back ? All Brand New Drives from both WDC and Maxtor! Now you tell who's going to get my business. By the way, I've got a few "Serviceable Used Parts" AKA "Refurbished" 60GB 60GXP that I received back from IBMs forsale at a very good price if anyone want to buy them (JUNK!) I do not want to Ebay these Junk to other users who don't know the truth about IBMs.
  7. I've got 4 180GB 180GXP 8MB in one of my machine along with 2 WD2000JB, No noise what so ever! Infact they're much quieter than WDs and I was worry that they're not working! They're working fine and the drive are actually 185GB, 172GB After formatted 8) You may have got a bad drive so I'd RMA or exchange it from where you bought it from.
  8. lexu8

    Barracuda IV vs WD800JB(8mb cache)

    I'd take the WD800JB over the Cuda IV Any Time Any DAY! Cuda run very Hot and damn slow with only 1 year warranty. The noise level is not that much quieter when it get older! Infact it get really annoying at idle. WD800JB on the other hand is much, much faster, run much cooler and a 3 years warranty. I'm Ebaying off a few Cuda IVs and Maxtor DM+9s if anyone interesting to buy? (8 Cuda IV 80GB & 120GB and 6 Maxtor DM+ 9 80GB 8MB, 6 120GB 8MB) 8)
  9. What's a poor performance for SATA Drive! As much as I'd like to get my hand on the new SATA Drive, I'll just gonna stick with WD2000JBs/WD1800JBs and IBM 180GB 180GXPs (185GB/8MB) for now :roll:
  10. Huh??? where have you been IBM has been on the outs for some time now... After the dethstar feiasco if it wasn't for big business thay would be in trouble... As for the WD the 8meg versions are currently the fastest IDE drives on the plante... Even the new maxtor is still slower than the WDs. the WDs have had the crown for quite some time... Maybe a better question is, where have you been? The IBM 120GXP is a very reliable drive. Western Digital drives are, by no means, the fastest IDE drives on the planet (I looked through the database and, after the big fat list of SCSI drives came a Maxtor and three IBM drives). Finally, your definition of "some time" is somewhere less than a year, which is not indicative of how long most people use a drive. What DATA Base are you looking at? I did not see any IBM 120gxp or any Maxtor IDE come close to WD2000JB SO, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN OR WHEN DID YOU LOOK AT THE DATA BASE. WD2000JB is the fastest IDE Drive on planet.
  11. Forgot to answer your quation about IBM 120GXP, I suppose it's also a good drive and seems fast but I'd wait and see what's going to happen with the new owner and new name? I guess you can take your chance and try one! I still have got 4 more DEAD 60GXP on my desk await RMA and these were RMAed replacement from just 2 months ago :evil: ( I sended 6 DEAD 60GB 60GXP in for a replacement and recieved 5 "Serviceable Used Parts" and 1 new, 4 of them already dead!) I've got 3 80GB, 2 120GB 120GXP and 2 180GB 180GXP (Actually, 185GB or 172GB After formated!) No problems with neither yet but 1 of the 120GB 120GXP Begin to make some noise,lound clicking noise :roll: All these drive are only a few months old. On the other hand,I've got No problem with any of the WDs
  12. I'd look at the WD800JB. 8MB Cache,3 years warranty and lots faster overall. If you're gonna transfer or to move a large file,WD is the best and Maxtor is the worse! I've got a few Maxtors including the DM + 9s,they're dog slow compare to WDs when I move or copy files larger than say, a GB or 2 ! WD800JB Only take less than 20 Sec. to move a gig of MP3 or DivX file.
  13. Well, this Maxtor Model should be OK! It's not the popular Model that most buyer or SR's reader wants to buy that may be why No one mention! Most will either buy 40GB or go for 80GB and up. All maxtor have a very good record so you should be fine. I bought a few 80GB and 120GB with 2MB Cache buffer for office use ( Storage Only though!) Enjoy and Have fun! Merry X-Mas!
  14. So does My ABIT IT7-Max! 8) I hooked up 10 Hard Drives/1 CD-RW/1 DVDRom on One Machine With Lian-Li PC70/Antec True Power480. Still More room to handle afew more drive if need be with Ad-On ATA100 Tx2 PCI adaptor. <http://images2.newegg.com/productimage/13-127-123-08.JPG>
  15. lexu8

    Upgrading from 75GXP

    Look. Any recent drive would be faster then a 75GXP. Even a 5400rpm drive would be faster. Now if you're looking for a quiet drive in the 80GB range, there 's the 180GXP 80GB that is very quiet and one of the fastest drive. But, for the same Money as IBM 180GXP 80GB....How about WD800JB 80GB 8MB :?: Plus 3 Years Warranty instead of only 1 year warranty for IBM 8)
  16. How about this, Set jumper to Cable select and try to reinstall Windows on it by itself. When you installed Windows on Master/Slave You've got to leave it that way,Both Master and Slave Drive have to be there or otherwise Windows won't detect the drive. If you set the jumper as Cable select and let Windows detect it, Press "del" key get to BIOS, Boot From CDRom.
  17. [All my HDs are connected to the controller. The WD800JB is on the first channel of the controller and a 75GXP and a old WD Caviar is on the second channel of the controller. My DVDrom is on the main IDE channel of the mainboard while the burner is on the second IDE channel on the mainboard. Mainboard uses AMD 761 chipset for northbridge and VIA 686B for southbridge. Have you try connect the Hard Drive direct to the mainboard just for the kick? See if it still acting the same! Via's chipset known for it's buckies! I'm giving up AMD because of it. I'm now free from all these with Intel Chipset! Yes, it cost alittle more and little slow for the same Money but,None of these problems! I'd try to do the fresh install start with Only AGP Card with No other driver or hardware.Format your Hard Drive,No not a quick format just slow format,loading Windows and see what happen? Then adding one hardware at a time! Now you'll know what is the problem! Goodluck
  18. What kind of Mainboard you're using? How old and what other hardware! It sound to me like Software/Hardware conflick. I've got that problem once with Via Chipset boards, mouse studdering/skipping like that and finally I found the problems. It's Video Card driver! But yours are worse, is your Tower's got a good airflow? Heat may be the problem too.
  19. Ugh..No Edit Option! Either that, if you can try Dif. PCI Adaptor. Try the new Ultra ATA100Tx2 along with a new Promise PCI driver!
  20. Have you try install a new update PCI Driver? I've got a very similar problems with one of my office computer ( 2 years Old with Promise ATA100 PCI adaptor) After I re-installed Windows with fresh installed and a new PCI Driver,all the bugs are gone!(Windows XP Pro. No service pack install!)
  21. lexu8

    Upgrading from 75GXP

    Western Digital WD400JB 40GB 8MB, WD600JB 60GB 8MB,WD800JB 80GB 8MB. Maxtor MD+9 80GB 8MB. These small Capacity drive :wink: Or if you need a larger one :?: Lots and Lots of those Fast 8MB from all IBM,Maxtor, WDC and Seagate. They're All Faster than 75GXP :!:
  22. Honold, Go with WD2000JB! I've got them both the Maxtor DM+P 200GB and WDs JB 200GB and the WD are far faster,run cooler,quieter than Maxtor! I'm regret buying the Maxtor for even higher price than WDs Now ABIT IT7 Max / P-IV 2.8GHz really rock with these WD2000JBs/WD1800JBs HDs! Don't even need Ultra Tx2 on this board. Maxtor MD+9 200GB is real slow compare to WDs on my system. :evil: Again, we're all know WD JBs series all come with 3 years warranty. Maxtor??? 1 Year? 3 Year? Who know? Depend on who you ask! I called Maxtor and they said, All Maxtor IDE now are 1 year Warranty! :twisted:
  23. lexu8

    P4 2.8 Ghz temp

    I think that's alittle too high for Pentium. I'm running P-IV 2.8GHz/512/533 same as yours but the Temp. never reach that high! At full load, DVD Ripping for example,the temp at around 45C to 46C Max and around 35C to 38C on idle or easy load like normal online or listening to MP3 files. I've got 2 machines running on P-IV 2.8GHz/533 one with stock Heatsink/fan and the other one with Thermaltake Vol.7+ set fan on Med. speed Both using Antec Performace 1080 AMG case/Enermax Adj. fan speed. 3 in front and 2 rear. Anyway,the Temp on both machines never reach that level you mentions.! Have you check the Heatsink seatting? Any Arctic Silver3 on it?